InterNERD Classic: Nerdy Snowman

Howdy InterNERDers, this week we are taking another look at the classic Found On The InterNERD all about snowmen! A Part 2 will definitely happen in the near future, since we are snowballs deep into winter. As always share any pics with us and you might be included in our next installment!

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. Mainly so I can build some of these nerdtastic snowmen! The boring 3 ball snowman of yesterday is no more, people everywhere are getting creative. In a medium such as snow, there’s a lot of talent in some of these snowmen. Here are the coolest, nerdiest, snowmen that I have found on the InterNERD.

Stormtrooper Snowman. The Empire army doesn’t look so tough with their armor made out of snow. I would like this impressive snowtrooper guarding my house.


Gangnam Style Snowman. The YouTube phenomenon is taking over the world. Op Op Opan Gangnam Style is highly addictive. Consult with your doctor before using.


Castle Greyskull. Ok, not an actual snowman but more like an igloo snow fort. This amazing Castle Greyskull sculpture from He-Man is immortalized in this YouTube video.

South Park Snowmen. The four foul mouthed kids from South Park are here. Good use of food coloring also, to really stand apart.


Triforce Snowman. The Legend Of Zelda just has that effect on some people. It looks like these nerds were up all night building this impressive Triforce. Link would be proud, and we applaud you.


Welcome back to the InterNERD. Burrrr it’s cold out! We have done FOTI SnowmanPart 2Part 3, and now we are serving up a 4th edition. If you have snow yet you can start making some yourself! Here are the coolest, nerdiest snowmen I found on the InterNERD.

Hulk Snowman. Oh ya, Hulk is looking awesome with food coloring even. This was created by artist Luke Harris. He usually does chainsaw carvings.


Peter Griffin Snowman. The Family Guy is looking good all made of snow.


Godzilla Snowman. Whoa, this one is crazy. I can’t really tell if he’s that big or if it is a forced perspective, but it’s cool.


Tardis Snowman. Or technically a snow sculpture. We featured a Dalek from Dr. Who is Part 2, now a Tardis joins the roster.


Sonic Snowman. This is a good idea, using a picnic table as support. Even though Sonic isn’t known for taking a rest.


Yoshi Snowman. Another classic video game character, Yoshi! Not sure what they used on his tongue here.


Bender Snowman. Just a big ol’ Bender head here. He’s not able to say bite my shiny metal ass, when he doesn’t have an ass!


Lorax Snowman. The Dr. Suess eco-friendly character is blinding bright with tons of food coloring!


Gandalf Snowman. Thou shall not pass! Haha this hardly looks like Gandalf really, but this makes me laugh.


AT-AT Snowman. The Star Wars walker makes a great ride for little kids. I want to make a couple of these roaming around.


Thanks for tuning in. Tons of nerdy snowman ideas here! Have any snowmen to share with us? Share them through our Facebook page. Like us so you are part of our community. Tune in next week to get your nerd fix.

ok page! Tune in next week to get your nerd fix.

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