InterNERD Classic: Video Game Graffiti

Hey guys, due to another busy weekend it’s a classic this week. Here is a look back at FOTI: Video Game Graffiti! We’ll be back with an all new Found On The InterNERD next week. 

Hey kiddos, it’s InterNERD time! We have done a Nintendo Graffiti before on the InterNERD, but now we have other video game graffiti art! Crossing multiple consoles, and video game companies. Here are the coolest, nerdiest video game graffiti I found on the InterNERD.

Toe Jam and Earl Graffiti. Ha, this is great. DeviantArt’s Srfive3 created this masterpiece of the funky duo, check out his gallery for more sweet street art.


Fallout Graffiti. Vaultboy’s not messing around in this wall piece.


Halo Graffiti. The Master Chief is looking pretty stealthy.


Sonic Graffiti. The fastest hedgehog around in pixelated glory!


Borderlands Graffiti. The Psycho Bandit from Borderlands 2 looks superbly detailed in this one.


Atari Graffiti. The classic Atari joystick represented on this wall is pretty cool. Never forget the roots of gaming!


GTA/COD/A.C. Graffiti. This is pretty rad! Grand Theft Auto, Call Of Duty, and Assassin’s Creed all together for this mural. This was created by Graffiti Pros and commissioned for an awesome gamer room.


Earthworm Jim Graffiti. Oh yeah! This is pretty rad, Earthworm Jim rules.


Tekken Vs Street Fighter Graffiti. This is so cool! Brazilian DeviantArtist Pe-u has created multiple Tekken and Street Fighter pieces. My favorite is Blanka Vs Eddy! Check out his gallery for the complete works.


Thanks for tuning in. I don’t play many video games these days, but now I want to revisit some of these classics! Have any video game graffiti to share with us? Share them through our Facebook page. Like us so you are part of our community. Tune in next week to get your nerd fix.

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