Jays Rev’d OS: Elementary Linux

Hello all Going to start off a new topic LINUX distribution Evaluations Done by Myself.


Some will be almost unknown like.   Aloneix a interesting distribution that just makes you want to kill your self.. [Pictured Below]

Funny and sick at the same time.. But this isn’t what I am going to review today.. If your familiar with Linux you may know about a distribution called Ubuntu.  That’s not what I am going to talk about today but this distribution is based off of it. This is the beauty of Linux.. You can re-spin the distribution into one of your own minus all the copyrighted artwork of course. This distribution is called


Elementary OS. Its name isn’t all that great but the premise is.  This distribution is cut down to the basic elements of the OS. No Bloat. None that I can see.

Just see how fast it boots.


Quick Right? Now of course your device may not be as fast as the test rig but I know it takes windows server 2008 about 8 secs on this machine. So that’s pretty fast.. It isn’t all that resource hungry.

This is of course not the most interesting part to me.. This test rig has Broadcom chips in it so it is imperative that this works out of the box for this to be  a successful setup and it did. It also has a weird Video card in it since it is a server so having that work out of the box was a must. Not to mention I am lazy and if the install doesn’t happen as expected (eh em. . antergos) I won’t write about it. Everyone who has experienced Linux knows how painful setup is sometimes.  The end result is what we all want.. A WORKING MACHINE.. so I will go over the steps I had to do to get it to work.. And these are my requirements for a review.

I must be able to boot to a install or at the very least a Live Demo with install options..



Select my language and what not.. as most of us would expect. We must be able to side load the distribution with a existing install like windows.. this was successful. Unfortunately my phone was taking black pictures during that.


Username and computer name should be asked at install. Not after install.. CHECK..


(excuse the mess had a salad from sheetz.. hehe)

This screen is my favorite because it means I can step out for a smoke.   But what happened after that .. well it booted into its new desktop..


It comes with the basics as you can see. A nice dock. very fast and responsive. Even has a lot of eye candy with animations.. Out doing Mac OSX. I know a lot think Linux is boring because it won’t play games like windows does.. and that simply isn’t true. As most of you do, I use steam.. And low and behold.


Look whats on Linux.. Although some publishers don’t have their games ported to Linux Most do since the Steam hardware device is LINUX it is almost imperative to get your game published for all three operating systems.

(I have to point out that there was a failure on my install to get steam installed through the app store.. I did have to drop to the command line and issue this command to install steam. “sudo apt-get install steam” after that it worked as expected.)


Time to get started for some fun..


Go ahead and friend me if you want to have fun one night.. now the waiting game.. good thing I have 100mbs connection.  Should be downloaded in about 12 minutes..


And we are off.. hehe..

So what is my score for this Distribution .. I would give it a 8 out of 10 only because I had to do work to get steam installed.. Not really their fault since the app store is not their baby.  That being said.. It should be easy to install things.. and if they want to be a developer to the community they need to test these things out too and get them fixed. All and all.. I think this is a perfect spin of my favorite operating system.

I think you will like it too…


The developer’s site is @ http://elementary.io/

If you want to download the disk image without a donation its hosted on sourceforge @ http://sourceforge.net/projects/elementaryos/files/      Look under Stable

Hope you enjoyed my QUICK review of this distribution.

Have a great week.


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