Kung Fury: Your Future Favorite Movie


Every once in awhile a movie preview comes out that knocks you on your butt. Containing everything you wanted out of a movie, and even stuff you didn’t know you wanted. Kung Fury is such a movie that upon watching the trailer my jaw kept dropping and the urge to watch this hit a peak that hasn’t been hit in years. This looks so ridiculous and fun that nodoubt it is going to be a fan favorite and enter cult status immediately.

This movie is Kickstarter funded, with already tremendous success. Currently they have already doubled their goal of 200,000 dollars with still a couple weeks to go! The incentives on this Kickstarter are pretty cool, backers get the usual stuff like digital download and T-shirts. With larger pledges even have packages that include your name in graffiti in the movie to cast visits! So wonder they have been such a success.


Written, directed, and staring David Sandberg from Umeå Sweden. Watching the Kickstarter video of his skills with green screen/Chroma key, his work looks superb and on par with big name directors that use the technique. Kung Fury is going to launch Sandberg to choose whatever he wants to do next! Which I hope are more sequels to this. He’s a pretty rad guy, his production company is even called Laser Unicorns.

Check out the trailer to Kung Fury. An 80’s kung fu cop that travels back in time to kill Adolf Hitler! This movie looks so over the top, in just the right ways. Riding a dinosaur, a giant barbarian viking, and the Nintendo Power Glove!

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