Nerd Speak: The Whovians Have Spoken

For all you Who-ligans out there, you may have heard (or may have mourned, as the case may be) that the sensational and, let’s face it, kooky Matt Smith will no longer be playing the roughly nine hundred-year-old champion we all know as the Doctor as of this coming Christmas. The question, since this announcement, has been thus: Doctor Who? Or, more pertinent, who will be the twelfth Doctor?

Many candidates were thrown out. Everyone from Rupert Grint (known best for playing the ginger sidekick of Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley) to Dominic Cooper (who dazzled many a swooning female in his supporting role in Mamma Mia!) to Andrew Scott (you know him best as Jim Moriarty from the wildly popular Sherlock) to that one dude who played the Dream Doctor in the episode where Amy is forced to choose between a life with Rory and a life with on the T.A.R.D.I.S. (name of Toby Jones, by the way) were hypothesized to be the next Doctor. While I myself was definitely rooting for Dominic Cooper, it was not to be.

No, sweetie…not this time.

(As far as the Doctor finally fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a ginger: sorry, Rupert. No dice.)

On August 10, 2013, many people were shocked to find the man to fill the shoes of the Doctor was none other than Peter Capaldi. For those of you who keep track of faces, you know him as the man from the episode known as The Fires of Pompeii. Now, we all kind of freaked when we realized this. But wait! Wasn’t Karen Gillian in that episode as well? Yeah…I’m pretty sure. But before we cool our jets, for us hardcore Whovians who also watched Torchwood, you also have seen this man in the entirety of the Children of the Earth series. So how does this man, well-known in the world of Who, get the esteemed position of the Doctor? Furthermore, will he live up to the standards set by his predecessors?

You are now reading this in Matt Smith’s voice.

Honestly, Christopher Eccleston did not stick around long enough for many people to feel comfortable making any sort of real judgment on his take of the Timelord. David Tennant, after eight incarnations before him, set the standard like no one expected, just as he always does in anything and everything he does. After that, underdog Matt Smith impressed us further by blowing us Tennant die-hards out of the water with his boyish looks and zany attitude. Will Peter Capaldi be able to make that leap and clear the bar?

Let’s take a look at what this new face brings to the table. For starters, Capaldi is an older man. Eccleston was young in spirit, Tennant looked younger, and Smith was the baby of the bunch, setting the record as the youngest man to ever play the Doctor. Capaldi breaks this trend by bringing an older face onto the screen. Capaldi, outside of his doomsday roles mentioned prior, has a repertoire of many charismatic and crazy characters under his belt. The most mention-able of these being his role as the “enforcer”, Malcolm Tucker in the TV show, The Thick of It. He is positively hysterical in his role, being both crude and aggressive as Tucker. So we now know that this man, not only being very intelligent, has a crazy sense of humor as well, essential to the role of the Doctor as we know him.

Last question before I wrap up: will they address Capaldi’s performance in Children of the Earth? My bet is very much so on ‘no’, but should they choose to do so, it will be interesting to see what they do with it. Make sure to keep up on the adventures of the Doctor and Clara as they muddle through their journey in the depths of the Doctor’s subconscious, and make sure you get some time off for the 50th anniversary episode on November 23, because it will be insane! I know I will be taking the whole week off, largely due to the fact that it will commence my Thanksgiving Break…college and all that. And, to my beloved Matt Smith, farewell and good luck in your new life as…well…not the Doctor!

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