Nerd Speak: Why PC Ultimately Wins in Izzy’s Book

I did a lot of research into this. Seriously. But, all jokes aside, it did occur to me that I was adamantly a computer gamer (for what ever gaming experience I have). All of a sudden, I cannot break away from my XBox. So when Topher shoved his copy of Dragon Age in my hands, I figured it was time to investigate where my heart truly lies. And here it is: I am a PC girl, through and through.

In all honesty, I had loved Dragon Age. It was my first RPG. It was my first Steam game. Let’s face it: it was a lot of my firsts. I thought the graphics were decent. I thought the script was amazing. And best of all, being the avid typist that I am, it was easy to learn the controllers.

So simple…well, you know the rest.

They say “W” to move forward, and I already know where the W is. I want to change my viewing window: “click and drag” is a very simple concept. As for powers and items, they are all conveniently located on the bar at the bottom – I even put all my poultices there so I don’t have to root through my inventory to find them.

Playing Dragon Age on the XBox was terrible. I can’t extend my powers bar for easy access at the bottom of the screen. I have to hold the left bumper to get to whatever extraneous necessities I have. There is a distinct lack of organization to it. The layout in general just mystifies me. Yes, there’s a Quick Heal when A is pressed, but I can’t control which poultice is applied, and I’m never going to remember how many of each I have on hand until it is too late. On a side note, I think after so much Mass Effect, I wasn’t impressed with the graphics on Dragon Age anymore.

Then, it was yesterday that finally drove home what really bothered me. I was trying to teach my sixteen-year-old sister how to play Mass Effect. Two joysticks is way too much to handle when you are dealing with us few or are not, in anyway, good at hand-eye coordination. I don’t know how many times I yelled at her to move the right joystick (and that’s about the time I realized I sounded like my ex – the same man who wouldn’t let me touch him when he was playing League of Legends).

God forbid I attempt cuddling…

But it is very difficult to get used to, when typing on a flat surface with two hands is so much easier than dealing with a three-dimensional piece of plastic.

In essence, while XBox and other gaming platforms are likely better for gaming, I prefer the PC due to the fact that I am much more proficient with a keyboard and I don’t have to worry about where everything, like the Character Record and Spells & Talents (and let’s not forget that moment of ‘ohmyGod, where is the damn Inventory?!’) are hidden. XBox is just way oversimplified and depends too much on my ability to keep calm when under attack.

Seriously legit.

I am never going to think to breath and hold the right bumper (or left bumper?) when looking for an Entropy spell that could possibly determine whether I live or die. In a phrase, Izzy is a big baby and likes to stick to what she knows. So sue me.

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