InterNERD Classic: Nail Art

Hey kiddos! Due to my laziness, this week’s InterNERD is a classic. Here is a look back at the first FOTI: Nail Art. We have spawned 3 sequels on the artful nails too, but here is where it all began. … Read More

InterNERD Classic: Guitars

Due to a cold that hit me all of a sudden this weekend, this week’s InterNERD is a classic. The first Found On The InterNERD: Guitars was very popular. In fact I made a point to do a sequel FOTI: Guitars … Read More

The Vinyl Nerd: Trick Or Tracks

Hey fellow record collectors! Halloween is coming up quick, and I have bought a few records for the season. Here are my latest pickups. Wednesday 13-Tunes From The Crypt! This is only a 7 inch but is still very cool. … Read More

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