Possibly On Fire

hungover at work

Hello again, fellow nerds. How’ve you all been?  As for me, I’ve been busy as all hell, but only during the days which I’ve been wanting to do some writing. The weekends have been chock full of stuff and things which require my attention, much to the dismay of my lazy side.  For starters, this last weekend, I finally got done with school and did my graduation-jiggy and put on my robe and wizard hat.  After that, I went over to fellow Nerd Filter dude Darrell’s house for a graduation party (his girlfriend also went full wizard like me) and had my fair share of drink.  Of course, when I mean “fair share”, I mean far too much, since I’m not as young as I used to be, and the next day was filled with feeling like a zombie and generally hating bright lights and sounds and whatnot.  Towards the end of the night, Darrell and I got into a dick picks war over SMS, and there was much devestation.

dick pics

To prove that life can come in crazy bursts of action, a couple of days later, I landed my first job out of school, so hopefully this means that I won’t just be some broke ass sexual chocolate anymore, and transform into a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist sometime next month.  Only time shall tell, I guess.  As for right now, I’m yet again fighting off a slight hangover (it’s almost like I don’t learn from my mistakes or something) after going bar hopping in pre-celebration of a wedding.  At least this hotel room has AC, so it’s not like the usual sweltering hellhole it usually feels like I’m in when I emerge into consciousness’ brutal embrace the next morning.  The curtains are also nice and thick, so I feel safe in my man-made cocoon of isolation and can tell the sun and all it’s heaty-brighty presence to fuck itself. Who the hell cares that it’s existence is the only thing keeping us in a nice, predictable orbit and preventing us from spiralling into the cold, lifeless void of the cosmos; today it can fuck off.

Oh, and I had to chop my beard to a “civilized” standard, so there’s that. Dammit.

beard transform