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Hi guys and girls, how’s your week treating you?  As for me, it’s been kind of boring.  This goddamn heat has decided to get in one last good streak in before going the fuck away, so I still hate the sun.  I have, though, been able to catch up a little on my comic backlog, so I got that going for me, which is nice.  I finished up with the recent Leviathan arc of Batman Incorporated, which was fucking fantastic.  Doubly so, if you compare it to the couple of one-off filler issues tossed around in there: like the one showcasing the Batman of Japan, which was campy in all the wrong places, and just fucking awful. Outside of those, though, the Leviathan storyline was pretty damn solid, and ended with the return of one of the more iconic Batman villains.  If you’re familiar with the goings-on of Leviathan, it’s not much of a surprise, but still a nice turn of events.

I’ve also read the first issue of Marvel’s new crossover event: Infinity, and it looks like this event, unlike Age of Ultron, is going to kick ass right from the start and keep going from there.  It starts out with intergalactic war getting set aside from looming galactic destruction as the fucking starting point, so I’m really looking forward to picking this one up.  As well as its own title, Infinity will be crossing over into Avengers and New Avengers mostly, but will also have the occasional issue of titles like Captain Marvel and Avengers Assemble. Since I’m already picking up most of these issues anyway, this shouldn’t hurt my pile of dollars much more than it’s already hurting.

batman humiliates playgirl

In other news, I’ve been really psyching myself up for our upcoming trip to Rose City Comicon in Portland, Oregon this next weekend.  Unlike the other suckers writing for this site, I’m going to make a vacation out of it, and a friend and I are staying the weekend and hitting up as many comicon pre and post parties as we can.  Also, all them breweries down there have far too much beer, so I gotta do them the favor of taking as much off their hands as possible.

In preparation for my trip, I’ve been making a seemingly never-finished list of single issues and graphic novels to look out for at Comicon, and I need to also make a list of which breweries I need to sample while I’m down there.  On the homeward trip, my car’s bound to be filled with a pile of nerdy shit and far too many bottles of brew I need in my beer fridge at home, so I’m forseeing a jettisoning of unnecessary weight, like my spare tire, back seat, or luggage.  I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s a good thing I’ve recently worked a shitload of overtime to cover my grossly-detrimental nerd-bullshit addiction.  Don’t tell me how to live my life!  Quiet or papa spank!

batman papa spank
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