Possibly on Fire


Vote for Nate Dog, yo! How’re you all doing this fine week? Me? Pretty damn snazzy, and counting the hours until I head down to Portlandia for all the Rose City Comiconawesomeness in store for me this weekend.  I’ve been a good little nerd too and I’m mostly caught up on my backlog of comics, so I won’t be woefully behind the times before I rub elbows with all the comic bigwigs.  By behind the times, I mean a few weeks, and by comic bigwigs, I mean getting my shit signed while I heap compliments upon the writer or artist for my short time at the front of the line; but I digress!  It should be awesome, and I fully intend on buying all the things.

But enough with the future: presently, I’ve taken the first steps into representing the 3rd Street Saints in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and painted up a test model with the color scheme of the Space Saints! Now, all I have to do is repeat that about 50 times, and it’ll be something worth a damn, but now I have a plan, things should fall into place nicely.  Thankfully, Army Painter sells a primer in the shade of purple I need, so I can knock about two steps (priming and base coat) in one.  Thankfully, all the colors used work really well with a black wash, so I can get away with just coloring everything in, then hitting the whole thing with black shade and call it a day! It’ll be easy to rock some assembly line painting once I get the stuffs I need, so hopefully I’ll have some progress to report in a couple of weeks.

Space Saints scheme sides

As for comics, I’ve caught up (well, not this week’s, but whatever) on both of Marvel’s crossovers: Infinity and Battle of the Atom. So far, I’m thoroughly impressed with the both of them, and I’m enjoying them much more than I did Age of UltronBattle of the Atom is getting hot and heavy, in true Marvel fashion, with time traveling antics, which really makes me think that Marvel has a quota on fucking with the space/time continuum. So far these past few months, there have been three major stories that heavily involved fucking with the time stream in Marvel books that I’m subscribed to: in Age of Ultron, Thor, and Battle of the Atom, and fuckall knows which stories I’ve missed since they put out a bazillion books a month. That’s not even counting the ongoing time displaced team from All-New X-Men, so this shit’s really getting ridiculous.  Granted, I really like that Marvel’s really going deep into the Sci-Fi with their standard comics, but I really hope this time travel stuff doesn’t become a crutch. So far, it’s keeping me entertained, but I hope they move on to other premises soon!

Well, that’s about all from me for now. I‘ve been nursing a Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale from Elysian Brewing, and while it’s fantastic; it’s making me want to pee on something.  So, I better get up before that something turns from toilet to television.

I will urinate on your appliances.