Possibly on Fire – Rose City Comic Con in Review

HI guys and gals, and welcome to another Possibly On Fire!  This one’ll be a quick one, since it’s been one hell of a busy day and I want to make sure I get something out before the calendar turns over (Damn you server issues!). As you may have noticed, us here at The Nerd Filter took a trip down to the second annual Rose City Comic Con down in Portland, OR this last weekend.  I have to say, I was very impressed.  It was a very professional Con, to the point where I was shocked to hear it was only the second one RCCC was hosting!  Everything went really smoothly, from the booth setup (easy to navigate, and organized in a straightforward manner) to the panels.  Hell, they even had a section with a bunch of awesome arcade cabinets to geek out on, so I was a very happy attendee.  All in all, I’m looking forward to next year’s, and if I can get the time off work, I’d be more than happy to head down to PDX again to nerd out!

I was fortunate enough to get time off work this year to arrive the prior to the convention, so on Friday, my friend and I set off to the pre-Con party hosted by our sponsors, Things From Another World.  It was a free event, and it was a blast!  They had a prize wheel every guest could spin, and every spot on the wheel had some sort of prize.  Hell, I got the “worst” prize, and I still walked away with a Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1 from the current series.  It’s hard to say No to a free comic, but to top my ill-gotten gain, my friend rolled a $20 gift certificate! Of course that didn’t last long at all, since he used it towards a Final Fantasy art book which cost around $80 or so, but it was a hell of a discount!

Other than the free stuff they were giving out on the prize wheel, our pals at TFAW.com were also slinging free burgers and beer, as well as providing an awesome environment to share one’s nerdiness.  I enjoyed several conversations with my fellow nerds, as well as a couple of free drinks and geeky music provided by the DJ.  Hell, as I was waiting in line for the bathroom, I witnessed an awesome pop-and-lock dance-off between two awesome dancers.  Apparently the Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick, made an appearance, but I missed my chance to nerd out at him.  Oh well, there’s always next time!

Anyway, I also snapped some more pictures from RCCC itself, so I thought I’d share what I got with you!  Here goes:

RCCC Batgirl and Harley

 Here’s a shot of Batgirl and Harley Quinn wearing some sort of animal costume.  Super cool people to meet, and like everyone else, I have to thank them again for being awesome and posing for a picture!

RCCC Batmobile

 Here’s the classic Batmobile, in all it’s 60′s glory!

RCCC Batmobile cabin shot

 And here’s a shot of the interior.

RCCC Bender

 I was only able to snap one picture before he started proclaiming his desire to destroy all humans!  Good thing Bender didn’t break my phone, and he just let me off with a “Bite my shiny metal ass!”

RCCC Black Cat

 Here’s an awesome Black Cat cosplay I found! I didn’t see any other Black Cats there, so it was awesome to find someone with such an awesome costume to represent one of the lesser known Marvel characters.

RCCC Crowd Shot

 Here’s a shot of the typical crowd one finds oneself in at a convention like this.

RCCC Cylon

 Here’s an awesome Cylon from the classic Battlestar Glactica.  What you can’t see from the picture is the awesome oscillating glowy red eye.  All in all; a very well done costume!

RCCC Daredevil

 Here’s a kick ass DareDevil kind enough to pose menacingly for us here at The Nerd Filter.

RCCC Dazzler

 Here’s a classic Dazzler!  An amazing costume, with roller skates and all!

RCCC Doc Manhattan and Harley Quinn

 Here we have a couple dressed as Doctor Manhattan and Harley Quinn.  The Doc’s white eyes were cleverly done by painting the eyelids white, so to get the awesome pupil-less effect, all he had to do was close his eyes.

RCCC Ghostbusters

 Here’s an awesome trio of Ghostbusters!  Their costumes were among my favorites I saw over the weekend.  The work on the proton packs was amazing!  I wish I got a picture of just the packs…

RCCC Justice League

 Here’s a group shot of several DC characters!  From what I could tell, they came as a group, so it was awesome to see a real life Justice League present.

RCCC Nightwing and Batwoman

 Here’s a shot as a couple cosplaying as Bat-affiliated superheroes Nightwing and Batwoman.

RCCC StormTrooper battle-damaged

 Here’s one of the better Star Wars Stormtroopers I saw at the Con. All of them were awesome, but it was nice to see one who looked like he just got back from stomping teddybears on Endor, or some other battlefield. What was the real icing on the cake, though, is he had a voice box which made him sound just like he was in the movies! It even had the static crackle before and after he spoke.  Goddamn amazing work on this costume, if I say so myself.


 And finally, my loot I snagged from the Con!  What’s not shown is the stuff I brought in to get signed, which I’ll post later this week.  Overall, my wallet is very disappointed with me, but I still think I made off like a bandit.  The sad thing is, I only crossed off one or two things on my “To Buy” list, so I think I might have a problem…

Well, that’s it for me for tonight, folks!  Stay tuned for more comic shenanigans.  If anything, I see that Jet City Comic Con is in a couple of months, so be sure to be on the lookout for updates regarding that.



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