Reaction to Sony’s Playstation 4 Announcement


One of the annoying things about working the swing shift is that I never seem to be apart of thing that I want to be apart of.  Take today, for instance, Sony was set to announce the brand new console, codenamed Playstation 4.  Every website I went to, every conversation I had with a fellow gamer, revolved around this announcement.  I showed up for work a mere half hour before the announcement was supposed to commence, and I tried to keep up with it by hiding in the shadows, and checking my phone.  The suspense was killing me.

Sony Troll

Today ended up being pretty busy, though, and I never really got to delve into everything that was said.  When I got home, I quickly went to, to check to see if anyone had posted anything about the announcement.  I immediately entered the article written by Darrell, and I was shocked.  Sony never really announced anything.  It basically boiled down to being like a documentary about women in pornography, where they talk only about getting their nails done, without any footage of the good stuff!  No price point was announced, no release date either, and worst of all, I can’t find any information about what kind of DRM they’ll utilize.

Sure, how it looks is important, and it does look amazing.  The amount of computing power the PS4 will wield is quite impressive as well, especially spec’d out next to the PS3.  But the problem is, we already knew it would look amazing, and boast mind boggling power, but the questions I had before the announcement, I still have.  Sony purposefully withheld this information because they’re scared of Microsoft and their new 720.  Until actual information is available, leave me alone.  I need some sleep.