Rose City Comic Con – In Progress!

Hi guys and gals!  It’s Oloff, coming in on a quick break from Rose City Comic Con to rest my feets, drop off the 300 pounds of books I bought in the two hours I was there so far, and give yall an update on my happenings!  So far, RCCC is amazing!  It’s smaller than Emerald City Comic Con, but considering this is RC’s 2nd year, it’s an amazing achievement.  They’ve got themselves a solid vender and creator roster, and even a decent enough celebrity guest list, Flash Gordon and all.

So anyway, I’ve been able to get most of what I want signed taken care of already, so I’m off to an awesome start.  There’s a Kelly Sue Deconnick panel at 3 I want to hit up, so I’m looking forward to that.  I’ve gotten a few awesome pictures so far, so I thought I may as well share them with you all!  Here goes:

Jay and Silent Bob cosplay

To start, my friend and I went to the pre-con party hosted by our sponsors, Things from Another World!  There was free beer and burgers, and I met these awesome Jay and Silent Bob cosplayers who were cool enough to pose for a picture.

Cap Marvel Cosplay RCCC

As for the con itself, first off we have this amazing cosplay of one of my favorite characters: Captain Marvel.  Damn amazing work on the costume!

Dredd Cosplay

Next, here’s Judge Dredd finding you creeps guilty of being a bunch of nerds.  Maybe a few decades in an isocube will rehabilitate you jerks.

R2 Away

Here’s R2-D2 spurning my sexual advances.  What a prude.

R2 Chat

Here’s R2-D2 again, this time telling some poor bastard how he had his way with his mother.

Red R2

Here’s another R2 unit. Not the OG, but still awesome.

Star Wars 501st cosplay

And finally, here’s the amazing dudes and dudettes from the 501st Legion!  Joining the Dark Side never looked so good.

Well, that’s all for now!  Now I’m heading back to the trenches for Round 2!