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Greetings internet. I just had my store inventory at work, some long days and extra hours were had. It’s all over, a sigh of relief and back to normal life now.

I saw a pretty cool story, a guy watching an old police drama called The Naked City discovered a pretty rad unintentional cameo in the background. A scene where the characters are in front of a newsstand had a Spider-Man comic. But not just any Spider-Man comic, Amazing Fantasy #15 which is Spider-Man’s first appearance! Pretty much the holy grail of Marvel comics. Also has Journey Into Mystery #83, which is Thor’s first appearance right next to it. Crazy how significant these comics have become, and just seeing them sold on a newsstand boggles the mind. From the picture it looks like these aren’t even on a shelf, that they are displayed on a string using clothespins. Hey, you’re bending them! Together just these 2 books are worth over 100,000 dollars. Man if only I had a time machine, with a cover price of 24¢, um I will take them all please. Naked City was around in the late 50′s to 60′s, here is a link to that episode.


Speaking of comics, I just applied for The Nerd Filter to be media coverage at the Rose City Comic Con. Happening September 21st and 22nd in Portland Oregon. This will be huge for TNF and a great time hanging out with the crew all day. Fingers are crossed they accept our application and give us press-passes. I want to cover all the hot nerd on nerd action for you guys!

I leave you with a short video of the Adventure Time intro done with Lego’s!

Until next time, -Darrell