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Greetings internet. It’s another week, and I am already ready for the weekend. It’s crazy how some weeks drag, yet others seem to fly by. Oh well, the weekend will come eventually.

I found some pretty rad 80′s movie poster art! I really love movie posters, I wish I had infinite frames and wall space to deal with what I already have. The 80′s were such a great decade for films, some real classics came from that era. Check out some of these:


All of these are done in a stained glass style, they really look cool. Created by Van Ortin Design from Italy, you can check out the full gallery here! Other great stain glass posters included in the list are Star Wars, Blade Runner, Terminator, and Back To The Future.


The only thing that would be greater is if these were real stained glass pieces! That way they would be included in a future FOTI Stained Glass!

Some nerdy movie news happened the last couple of days. Micheal Douglas has been cast to play Hank Pym in the new Ant-Man movie. Which was the big question when Paul Rudd was cast, was he going to be Pym? And just have it be the beginning of Ant-Man? Officially now Rudd is playing Scott Lang, technically the 2nd person to be Ant-Man. Oh the technicalities in the nerdiverse were really stressed out about that one.

Magic: The Gathering got green-lit by Fox. We will see what becomes of this, Fox went on record saying they think this can become a huge franchise of films. Well, if a movie can be made about Battleship then they can definitely do Magic.

I leave you with a new teaser trailer for Devil’s Due. It’s pretty entertaining, it has an evil baby popping out of a baby carriage in public. Luckily nobody had a heart-attack, at least they didn’t show any.

Until next time -Darrell