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Greetings internet. I have been buying a lot of comic books lately, recently I knocked a big one off my bucket list. However I am not going to talk about that right now. Well not until the last package I’m waiting for comes. I do want to dive into toys!

Funko Marvel Mystery Minis. 


These mini mystery Marvel characters are going to be available March 2014. As described the mystery figures are a blind box purchase, meaning you don’t know which one you are buying! A fun, yet costly commitment if you’re collecting them all. The first wave includes 16 characters, each 2.5″ and with bobble-head. As you can imagine there will be common and rare ones. The good folks at put out the ones to chase. Thanos, Ultron, and Loki with staff will be released 1 in every 72. The Deadpool with guns is the most rarest, being released every 1 in 144 units.


The Simpsons Lego Set. This is a joint collaboration of 2 giants franchises. The Simpson’s and Lego seem like they already have done it all individually, now together comes The Simpson’s House playset! It is available through for $199 bucks! Whoa, that is a giant price tag, but the die-hard fan base that The Simpsons has I’m sure it’ll sell just fine. I hope for just the minifigs to be sold at stores, and it would be great if they branched off and did everyone from Springfield! I want a Hans Moleman Lego dammit! Here is a YouTube video of the set, I really like the passion from the Lego designer.


DC Nation Collection. These are limited edition toys based off of the DC Nation shorts on Cartoon Network. They look so very odd and different, but at the same time really familiar. Then it hit, they look like Wallace and Gromit! That’s because it’s the same animation studio, Aardman Animations based out of the U.K. The shorts are pretty funny, I watched a few on YouTube, they have kids voicing the characters. The exclusive toys are bundled together as a 5 pack, and are already about to sell out. If you’re a fan, or just a DC collector, act fast. I know limited quantities were still available through Amazon, so click the link at the top of the page!

Until next time -Darrell