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Greetings internet. Things have been good lately, but one thing has been bugging me. Why the hell can’t I get an english muffin that’s pre-cut? I swear they used to be all the time. Even the store brand ones were sliced about half way through, where you have to twist both halves to tear apart.  Now I have to use a knife every time to half my muffins! It’s not that big of a deal, except the time it takes adds up. I usually use the same bread knife in the butcher block, just wipe the crumbs off, then put it back in the block. Then I get in trouble with my girlfriend whenever she sees it! If I washed it every time it would forever be in the sink. Nobody is just biting into an english muffin whole. Damn you english muffins.


There is an Etsy shop that makes miniature arcade cabinets! Unfortunately none of them can actually play, but they are still really cool. Andrew Lack from England makes these classic arcade and pinball machines. This is perfect for the guy who always wanted his own cabinet but doesn’t have the room. The detail on these pieces is really remarkable. Check out his Etsy page. I am blown away by how many he has done. One of my favorites is The Simpsons 4 player machine! Reminds me of getting some friends together and dropping a lot of quarters. I wonder if Andrew Lack has the same english muffin problem over in England?

Some big news for Nintendo fans. Nintendo announced their new console in a press conference this week. It’s still years away but the name they called it is the NX. All that was divulged was it’s going to be a new console with fresh hardware and new game concepts. Nintendo is also developing mobile games through the DeNA company. My biggest hope for the Nintendo NX is they abandon all the motion controlling they did with the Wii, but still have it groundbreaking in other aspects. It’s not that the Wii ans Wii U aren’t great, it’s just you have to be in the right mood to play them in my opinion.

The trailer for the new movie Pixels hit online the other day. It’s starring Adam Sandler, and well his films have definitely been more miss than hit lately. This one seems pretty fun though. Earth is attacked by classic video game characters and Sandler and crew are trying to stop them. The nostalgia of the 8-bit characters isn’t what won me over, it was Peter Dinklage’s mullet! Oh man he looks so hilarious! He is like a Billy Mitchell-type super gamer. Check out the trailer for yourself, Pixels comes out this summer.

Until next time -Darrell