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Greetings internet. I am moving next month! I am excited because it is closer to work and I will save money on the bridge toll. What I am not excited for is the actual move part. Packing up and boxing all my stuff is going to be a pain in the ass.

The other day I went to my first garage sale that said they had comic books. I downloaded the Craigslist app on my phone, and now I get alerts for any new listing that has the key words ‘comic book’ in the post. I mainly set it up in case there was a post of any collections for sale at a good price. So I decided to hit this one because on Google Maps it said it was 11 minutes walking distance from my place! I couldn’t pass it up being so close. I got there right when it started and began digging through the boxes. I ended up finding a few small key issues nothing too big. A Deadpool #1 from 1997 and a Spawn #9 first appearance of Angela were the most notable. I paid 2 bucks for 6 comics, so it was a success. The weird part of my garage sale experience was there was an old guy bashing comic books while I was looking through them. He was all like comic books? Who the hell has comics anymore. He couldn’t have scoffed any harder if he wanted to. After he left, a big fat guy with some cronies scurried down the driveway and asked me which boxes I went through already. Ha it was like seeing both sides of the comic spectrum in a matter of minutes. I might go check out some more garage sales now that I have tested the waters.

I shared a pretty sweet velvet painting of Mog from Spaceballs this week on TheNerdFilter’s Facebook page. I love the black velvet paintings done by Bruce White. In his latest “Cult Of Personality” art show he does some great characters from classic cult movies. Here are a few of my favorites.


You can see more of Bruce White’s latest exhibit on Gallery 1988’s site. I really want to own an original of his someday.

I leave you with the newest X-Files teaser for the new episodes. They both look a lot different. When Mulder says “Are you ready for this Scully?” it feels just like old times! It was also announced the Lone Gunmen fellas are returning as well in the 6 episode return.

Until next time -Darrell