The Ωmega Blog

Greetings internet. Well it’s moving time for me, I have to pack everything up, and it’s taking longer than I thought. I have been letting go of a bunch of things recently, but I think I still have too much stuff. Well, it’s too late to downsize any more. My new place has a garage so they’ll be room for storage, and later I’ll go through things better.

I tend to hoard things I think are cool. Yeah, everybody does right? Except I don’t think everybody has Pez dispensers and toys from their youth.

I can’t wait for the move to be over. This week had been crazy at work too. I worked 24 hours on the clock in 2 days. Those were the longest days I’ve worked since I had a street-sweeping job. I’m glad my store’s inventory only happens once a year.


“It’s not a tumor”

Some movie news that emerged this week was Dolph Lundgren is staring in Kindergarten Cop 2! Holy shit it’s not even April Fools Day. This is one of those so bad it might be awesome concepts. To think that they can do a 2nd K-Cop without Schwarzenegger is crazy by itself, but to just replace him with another action guy is sorta brilliant. Dolph has done some great work in the past, maybe he still has worthy performances in him. I fear that this will just be a straight to DVD or streaming release. They need to embrace Lundgren and give this movie a huge budget for theatrical release. I used to have a big Punisher poster in my room, from Dolph’s The Punisher! I think he was an under-rated actor at the time. Sure he was in a handful of big roles, but nothing ever took off for him. Maybe with Kindergarten Cop 2 it’ll finally break the tough action guy stereotype. Then boom, Arnie will be his partner in Kindergarten Cop 3! Errr.. maybe that’s looking ahead a bit too far.

Sorry for the short blog, but I got to get back to packing. I leave you with more Dolph! This video is him singing on a Swedish television show. It’s so bizarre, but will put you in a trance.

Until next time -Darrell