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Greetings internet. Man I have been slacking lately on posts to the site. There has been changes at my work that has had me become super tired. When I get home from a weekday, I eat dinner, then my eyes become heavy immediately. I’m still searching for the balance of rest/work/and hobbies. I have fallen asleep on the couch more times than I’d like to admit.

I love cheesy horror and sci-fi movies. Especially from my youth. One of my all-time favorites is Critters! I have shared Japanese laserdisc covers and bootleg toys of Critters in past Ωmega Blogs. Amok Time has created a brand new Critters figure! I ordered one and it’s fantastic.


It is pretty close to the size of a Funko Pop figure, with similar box/window display. I haven’t taken mine out of the box, but it looks like you can secure it back in the box like a Pop if you desired. Great detail went into this figure, the hair is great. The bloody teeth is a nice feature–making this look ferocious. Kind of wish there were more varieties of Krites to choose from, with different looks. I can’t complain though, there isn’t much merchandise from this 1986 horror film, so I’ll take what I can get.


The box has some amazing graphics on it. I think I like the box just as much as the figure! Another cool aspect of this is that it was designed by Chiodo Brothers Productions. The Chiodo brothers did Killer Klowns From Outer Space, another one of my favorites from my youth. Amok Time is still offering free shipping on this, so for $19.99 you can have your own critter sent to your door. Here is the link to order. They have super quick shipping too!

I found some pretty cool foreign posters of Critters on eBay also. These are pretty rad, I would love to have them all. I am not in the market for posters though, I have very little wall space, and already have a ton of posters and prints that are waiting to be framed.


This simple white poster that spells out Critters on the side is from Poland. There is something just weird about it. I kinda dig it.


That is what drew me to buy Japanese laserdiscs, because they would use some alternate cover for the film. It just makes it pretty cool.

If you haven’t seen Critters, I would recommend checking it out, but keep in mind it’s from the 80’s. I think seeing it when you were younger gives it a lot of nostalgia that makes it more enjoyable. I went to the Seattle EMP museum a couple years ago when they were having their horror exhibit. With hundreds of props from A Nightmare On Elm Street to Saw, I only took one picture and that was of a critter from Critters!

Until next time -Darrell