The Ωmega Blog: Ode To Bigfoot


Welcome to a special cryptozoology blog edition celebrating all that is Bigfoot. Maybe it’s because I live in Washington state, where there is a plethora of Bigfoot sightings over the decades, but Bigfoot is my favorite urban legend monster hands down. Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, whatever you like to call him–he is a wilderness ape-like/human creature walking on two legs. I might have watched Harry and the Hendersons too many times growing up, but dammit I want to just hangout with Bigfoot! Nowadays everybody just dismisses Bigfoot as a hoax and that there is no solid evidence. Which I am right there with you, the most famous footage, the ‘Patterson film’, said to be a hoax but who knows. The wilderness is so dense though that you can’t rule out an unknown creature. I am skeptical sure, but so many unexplained sightings over history and they all describe the same creature, it can’t just be coincidence. I’m not 100% convinced but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to believe. Whether Bigfoot actually exists or not, I still love Bigfoot. The old Leonard Nimoy show In Search Of had some great Bigfoot episodes in it’s six seasons. Another show I think does a good job is Monsterquest. Then more recently Finding Bigfoot… well I’m not a big fan of that one. I have given it a chance on a few occasions and it just doesn’t do it for me. I prefer more a documentary style I guess, then opposed to faux reality show. My love for the missing link I don’t take to seriously in terms that he’s real or not. There are plenty of stuff that makes fun of Bigfoot, and I love that too. It’s very kitsch and campy, which appeals to me on the so lame its cool level. Weekly World News has been doing Bigfoot headlines since their start. Jack Links beef jerky has the Messin’ With Sasquatch campaign. I go to places like Bigfoot Java and Yeti Yogurt on the regular, not cause they are better then other places but cause I like to see Bigfoot! I see the appeal of the Sasquatch hunting groups and think that would be fun to try one day. There are a few groups in Washington but I don’t really know if it would be fun or kinda douchey. Maybe I need to start one myself. Unlike paranormal, where its mostly of ghosts and aliens, Bigfoot has a lot of ‘facts’ going for him like the foot prints. The folklore mixed with the pop-culture presence makes Bigfoot my favorite crypto creature of all time. I will take the hairy beast anytime.

Until next time, -Darrell

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