The Ωmega Blog: Odelay De Chupacabra


Welcome to a special cryptozoology blog edition celebrating everything that is Chupacabra. I did a Bigfoot Ωmega Blog last year, and had the idea of doing more featuring my favorite urban legend monsters.


Chupacabra is Spanish for goat sucker, originally sighted in Mexico and Puerto Rico, there has also been sightings in South America and the US. It has been reported that the Cupacabra is merely a cross between a canine and coyote. Other sightings however insist that they witnessed the creature walking bipedal on its hind legs. Praying on primarily goats and other small animals, the trademark the Chupacabra leaves behind is it leaves the dead animal blood-less. Killing animals with bites that leaves no traces of blood is the Chupacabra’s calling card. Draining the blood of it’s victims is the only trait that eyewitnesses can agree on. MonsterQuest devoted an episode to the Chupacabra, in there many witnesses had pictures of what they thought to be the creature.

The Chupacabra is a relatively new folklore monster, with its first sighting to be in the mid 1990′s. Like Bigfoot and other mystery creatures, there are a wide variety of hoaxes out there. A mumified Chupacabra baby (pictured on right) was said to be found under a barn in Chiapas, Mexico. Although looking pretty real, it was obviously a taxidermied mash-up of different species upon inspection.

The main reason I like the Chupacabra is it’s name. It is just so fun to say! As far as Crypto creatures go, I would like to believe in this as well. Every new evidence they find is inconclusive. It might be out there.

I leave you with the song Chupacabras from one of my favorite band’s the Groovie Ghoulies.

Until next time -Darrell

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