The 5 Best Adult Cartoons

Adult Swim, on Cartoon Network, features many cartoons that are intended for adults.  However, they do not always provide memorable fair. Some cartoons, however, deserve special mention. Other adult cartoons may refer to a racier offering. Fritz the cat falls into this category, however, this article assume that adults means not intended for children rather than erotic.

The 5 Best Adult Cartoons:

1. The Simpsons


The Simpsons has run for more than 20 years. It has had 500 episodes.

Creator Matt Groening, who is also responsible for Futurama, never thought the show would run as long as it has.

The Simpsons parodies all aspects of modern American life.

The plots do tend towards the left from time to time, which means that the next offering should balance it out.

2. South Park


Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s message tends to be Libertarian, even though they are not afraid to skewer both left-wing and right-wing positions.

The show also teaches adults one important lesson. It is a lesson they learned during childhood but forget as they grow up.

Parents and adults tend to make excuses for children.  South Park reminds us all that children are often cruel to each other and those around them.

3. The Venture Brothers


Johnny Quest was rerun on television for decades. Johnny, Haji, Bandit, Race and Dr. Banner starred in this action-adventure cartoon.

Now, while the cartoon is a classic, there is one question that it never bothered to answer. What happens to Johnny Quest when he grows up?

The Venture Brothers steps in to answer this question. The show’s creators described it as being about failure.

All of the main characters, except Brock, do their job poorly.  The main character is a former action cartoon star, and even Johnny Quest himself shows up as a recovering alcoholic.

4. Moral Orel


Moral Orel is a parody of the old Davey and Goliath cartoons. It offers social commentary on the sometimes overly religious nature of America.

The show features a trusting individual who will believe almost anything he is told. His father delays introducing him to God and other religious concepts for this reason, although pressure from the community forces the father teach him about God before his is ready.

Its claymation on style is similar to the animation style used in the Davey and Goliath cartoons that ran early Sunday morning.  While the original show contained many references to the Bible, Davey was a boy and Goliath was his dog.

5. Ugly Americans


A frustrated Social worker, who has a zombie for a roommate, works to integrate many horrific creatures into modern American society.

He deals with the problems inherent in dating a half-demon girlfriend, complications caused by his incompetent wizard co-worker, and the challenges that naturally come up in his job.

The cast even manages to tour the downtown area of Hell’s shopping district once or twice. Oh, and the half-demon the main character dates?

She happens to be one of Satan’s daughters.  She also suffers from the terrible demon affliction of having a soul.

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