The Nerd Who….Has Never Seen Star Wars


Here at The Nerd Filter we pride ourselves on being dynamic and diverse, we all have different tastes and almost all of them are in the realm of geek culture.  From video games, to collecting toys, our nerdiness knows no bounds, but there is a dark secret, at least for me, and that’s that I’ve never seen Star Wars.  Sure, I made it 10 minutes into one of the Family Guy Star Wars episodes, but I really didn’t get it.  I’m a huge Lego Video Game lover, I play almost all of the games with my daughter when they come out, so I’ve tried one of the Lego Stars Wars games, but it wasn’t fun, I had to do different jobs in the game, but I kept on having to google Storm Troopers to figure out what they were.


Trust me, I pass no judgement on your level of nerdiness, because who am I to look down on you when I’ve spent over 800 hours playing Destiny?  I used to believe that it was a space thing, I hated the Halo series, and just about every other space related pop culture phenomenon.  There’s just something about the movie that I don’t track, for the longest time I had no idea that Star Wars and Star Trek are different things.  I have a very little bit of knowledge about the movies even now, I guess I stopped paying attention when I heard that Luke (or Bo Duke, not sure) was trying to bang his sister.  As a teenager, I might have been able to get behind some full flown insest, but at this point in my life, it makes me a bit queasy.

Sure, by now I guess I could have googled the movie, or conned any one of my friends into borrowing one of the movies, which one I don’t know, I hear they were released out of order, so I’m even more confused than ever.  But, after nearly 40 years on this earth, I figure that it’s too late, not seeing Star Wars is part of who I am, for better or worse.  I justify my lack of apparent nerdiness by saying “Hey, I’ve never seen Titanic, or any Die Hard movies either, so at least I’m not a bitch!”  I’ll most likely be buried under a headstone that reads:  Here Lies the Nerd Who….

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