The Top 5: Most Overpowered Guns in Video Game History

This week, Crysis 3 was released, and thanks to it’s multiplayer, it got me thinking.  You see, the mulitplayer is dominated by two weapons, the Typhoon, and the Predator Bow, it just depends on your style of play.  The Typhoon is a SMG, it fires at the fastest rate in the game, and still deals a good amount of damage, while the Predator Bow is silent, very accurate, and extremely deadly.  It wasn’t until I unlocked the Typhoon, that I even had a  shot at being decent at the multiplayer.  Anyhow, I started wondering, what is the most Overpowered Guns in Video Game History?

5.  Lancer, Gears of War Series

Gears Lancer

Without a doubt, one cannot imagine the Gears of War series without the Lancer, in fact, most consider the Lancer an additional character.  Equipped with the best melee weapon in Video Game history, the Lancer has guided me through all 3 games in the series.

Yes, this video was selected solely on the merits of the song used.

4.  Organic Gravity Gun, Half Life 2

organic gravity gun

Yet another iconic gun for the Video Game it was included on, the Gravity Gun was, even before being upgraded at the end of HL2, an awesome tool.  You could shoot explosive barrels, saw blades, and other small items, but when upgraded, the fucker could pick up even the heaviest of items, making your playthrough as enjoyable as humanly possible.

3.  Pistol Halo 1/Combat Evolved


Oh my god, the shit storm that would ensue if this weapon isn’t included on a list like this.  Honestly, it is probably the most rediculous gun on this list, I have no idea how it wasn’t nerf’d in the life of the game.  Also known as the sniper pistol, this weapon has been dominating the battlefield since before most gamers were deposited into their mother.

2.  M-920 Cain Mass Effect 2


The M-920 Cain saved my life on many occasions on my quest of completing Mass Effect 2.  On of the heavy weapons, the Cain brought the force of 7 suns to every single fucking enemy inside, and outside of your field of vision.  Thank you BioWare, I forgive you for the end of ME3.

1.  M.I.R.V. Fallout 3


The M.I.R.V. was basically a M-920 Cain, but for people with small penises.  The MIRV ended the fight in Fallout 3 with an absolute, awe inspiring explosion for the masses. Never was my time more enjoyable in the Wasteland, than my time with the MIRV.  The quality of the video sucks, but it is appropriate, none the less.

 Honorable Mentions:

M26 Mass, Battlefield 3

Scorpion, Mass Effect 3

BFG, Doom

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