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Hey there record fans! I had a couple people this week show me a few cool record related kickstarters. First up is a folding record crate. The milk-crate has been the goto transportation and storage of LP’s for years. Now this is redefining the whole setup. The Wax Stacks crate lets you connect multiple units together. Build them however you want it setup. Check that kickstarter out here.

Next up is the floating turntable. A pretty cool concept that actually plays your records vertically. This sucker is $600 bucks, so a pretty hefty price tag. I would like to see more companies developing these tables and mastering the design. Plus that’ll drive the price down to be more affordable. Check out that kickstarter here.

Here is the latest from Hatebeak. The only metal band to have a bird for a singer! It is just so ridiculous that I find it very awesome. The Number Of The Beak is a brand new full length of a parrot shrieking over face-melting metal. I ordered this from Reptilian Records and choose the “bird shit” colored vinyl that is limited to 300. I just looked and it’s still available. Only the clear vinyl limited to 100 is sold out so far. I think the bird shit is way cooler! My full review can be found on


I got the new Face To Face- Three Chords and a Half Truth for a good deal on eBay. Even though the newer Face To Face stuff doesn’t have the gusto that the first few do, I still love this band. I only have their first album Don’t Turn Away on vinyl. I ordered that one when I was 16 from Fat Wreck Chords, it has been played many many times! I think I’m on the hunt now to get everything F2F has put out on record. Wish they would do their Trifecta tour up in Seattle, I would try to go all 3 days!


I bought a bunch of records from my pal Gnarsh. He was selling almost his entire collection because he needed some money. Here’s a couple highlights: Foo Fighters- Greatest Hits. This is a double LP. I really liked the Foo Fighters when they first came out, and always wanted their self-titled on record. This is a good place holder until I get that one.

No Doubt-Tragic Kingdom. This is almost like a guilty pleasure. It’s just not that cool anymore. I re-listened to this, and it still holds up. I had this album back in the day, I’m not afraid to admit I had a No Doubt t-shirt in high school. I don’t care what No Doubt or Gwen Stefani became. This particular release has a weird jacket flap, and it says it came with shirt. The shirt wasn’t included when I got it.


More from the Gnarsh collection. MxPx- The Ever Passing Moment and Panic. I have quite a bit MxPx now. TEPM is still sealed and has a corner cut like it was a promo copy. Not sure if I’m going to open this or keep it sealed. Panic is a solid newer album by the guys.


Last month Hi-Voltage record store in Tacoma WA was having a 10 year anniversary sale. I didn’t really go crazy, but I did get some good deals. The Misfits- Walk Among Us, the first Misfits album. This marks my first and only Misfits vinyl! I need to step it up. This is a re-issue on purple vinyl.

I found a Spider-Man LP. I’m used to seeing the 7″ comic records, but never a 12″ so I snagged it.


A few Vinyl Nerds ago I mentioned a co-worker and I started a record Facebook group for collectors in Washington state called Puget Sound Vinyl Buy/Sell/Trade. Well I finally met up with someone on there and it was a really cool experience. I brought a crate of LP’s and he brought 3 crates. Ultimately I ended up trading 16 records to get 10 records. It was a fair trade because I had a bunch of common stuff. Anyway some highlights of that deal was Dance Craze- a British Ska LP and GenX- a 12″ single of Dancing With Myself. Other goodies I got were 12″ singles by The Cure, Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, Revolting Cocks, and New Order. If your in WA come join the group!


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