The Vinyl Nerd: Box Set Man Strikes Again

Hey vinyl people. I wanted to do a quick Vinyl Nerd before all my new arrivals get filed in my collection. A bunch of great adds if I do say so myself!

First up my favorite AFI release of all time, Answer That and Stay Fashionable! This was AFI’s first studio album and the first CD I bought of them around 1997. I love this AFI the most, Davey Havoc’s snotty higher-pitched Danzig-esque vocals are in full force. Over the years AFI has definitely changed their sound. AFI’s Crash Love is a million miles away from this. I always wanted this on vinyl for the 3 bonus songs, I’m glad to finally have it. This is on gray vinyl.

Misfits-Die Die My Darling. I thought this was more of a full album. It’s just basically a 12″ single. It has the title track, and Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight on the B side. What is weird about this is one side is 45 speed, and the flip side is at 33. Oh well, it was just 8 bucks, it’s still a good pickup. This is just my 2nd Misfits record.


I found a killer deal on The Dead Kennedys 7″ box set! This usually retails for around 40 to 50 bucks, but a seller on eBay had a bunch for right under $20 bucks! I’m not the biggest DK fan, but I couldn’t pass it up. Seven 7″ and a booklet come in this re-issued box set. Can’t wait to dive into this.


I recently went to my new local record store Gig Harbor Audio and found All- Allroy Sez. My buddy Gnarsh got me an early All for my birthday and I thought it would be cool to add another. This one is okay, I think I will stick with completing my Descendents collection before getting anymore All.

I found Screeching Weasel- Wiggle for a great price online. I don’t have many SW but I do have 2 of Ben Weasel’s solo records. A pleasant surprise off Wiggle is they do a cover of The Queers “Like a Parasite”.


Last Vinyl Nerd I wrote about a record label I follow Eccentric Pop. They put up used punk rock records for sale sometimes too. I managed to be quick on the draw and grab The Dwarves- Born Again and The Queers- Grow Up. I think they were 10 bucks each, which is pretty cheap when there’s free shipping too!


We are Sex Bob-omb! I really like the Scott Pilgrim movie. The soundtrack is pretty sweet too. Finally managed to score a copy for cheap. This is on red vinyl.

I had the Record Store Day Scott Pilgrim Vs The World video game soundtrack already. I kept it sealed and framed it just because I didn’t think I would listen to it much. I’m kinda glad I did, because I see it going for around $70 bucks now! That’s crazy like.


A few months back I did a Vinyl Nerd proclaiming I’m a box set man since I acquired the Teenage Bottlerocket box set. Well, I wasn’t really in the market for it, but I stumble upon the Strung Out box set for a good price so I popped on it. I’m not sure what they originally sold for from Fat Wreck Chords (since they’re sold out the price isn’t listed) but it was the cheapest on eBay by a longshot. I paid $60 bucks for this box set which includes 4 LP’s, 1 DVD, and a giant poster. It was sealed, but sadly I didn’t get the colored record set. It’s alright, 60 bucks isn’t the greatest deal since it’s only 4 records, but I’m happy to have it. I saw Strung Out a couple years ago and they play an awesome live show!


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