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Hey there record collectors. I haven’t been getting too much new stuff lately, I finally got my order from Fat Wreck Chords so it’s time to squeeze out an ol’ Vinyl Nerd.

The first check I ever wrote was for Fat Wreck about 20 years ago! So I have been a fan of the label and bands forever. First up I got the new Fat Music Vol. 8: Going Nowhere Fat. This is a double LP, unfortunately I wasn’t given the color vinyl, even though I think I paid extra for it. Oh well, the Fat Wreck compilations are always good. #2 is still my all time favorite.

Home Street Home is actually a play/soundtrack written by Fat Mike of NOFX. With a ton of punk rock all-stars on this, it is pretty catchy and hooky in all the right spots. Even has a couple NOFX songs re-imagined to fit itself into the mix. There was just one song that I thought wouldn’t be great listening to out of context– it had a bunch of talking throughout in breaks of music. Besides that gripe it was pretty solid. The vinyl I got was on a white with splatter. So that made up for getting shorted on my other colored vinyl.


Masked Intruder- M.I. was on my list to get, just because I wanted to check these guys out more. I think they are pretty cool. The gimmick of always wearing the ski-mask though must get old when playing live! I’ve seen a few videos, seen them on periscope even, and these guys are committed to the masks.

The Songs Of Tony Sly is a double LP featuring various artists doing No Use For A Name songs. This has been out for a few years and I finally got around to getting it. When I listen to NUFAN I think about how Tony Sly died way too soon. I’m glad I got see them live. This is on clear vinyl.


I have talked in the last few Vinyl Nerds about how much I love Waxwork Records. They just put out amazing horror soundtracks that feel like they are special. I’m not the biggest C.H.U.D. fan, but I love the cover art on this! The vinyl I got is green haze with blood splatter.


I basically stole this next set off eBay! I got 3 Gamits records for 15 bucks. Endorsed By You and 2 copies of Parts, one on grey marble, the other on red marble vinyl. I feel kind of bad for sweeping in and winning the auction, since there was a lot of bids but still low price. If someone wants my 2nd copy of Parts– contact me and we can make a deal!


I got The Darkness- I Believe In A Thing Called Love 7″ picture disc! Again I found a killer deal off eBay. Someone was selling them for 10 bucks a pop ‘Or Best Offer’ and they accepted my 6 buck offer. I think there was more than 10 available too, so they were just blowing out some old stock it looked like. I already had The Darkness- Love Is Only A Feeling 7″ picture disc, thanks to Gnarsh, when I bought his collection (the first time).


Finally rounded out my Ataris collection with So Long Astoria. This is when they went to a major label and “sold out” but I think it’s a good record. This is on clear cokebottle vinyl.

Hagfish self-titled record isn’t my favorite Hagfish, but I am happy to get it! This one is long out of print and is a hard one to find. My wish for the future is Hagfish- Rocks Your Lame Ass finally to come out on vinyl.


If you didn’t catch my Ωmega Blog last week, I got Michael Berryman to sign my The Hills Have Eyes record! He even personalized and wrote “go camping” on it. Pretty cool.

Be on the lookout for Record Store Day- Black Friday list to be dropping sometime soon. Hopefully it’ll be a worthwhile selection.

-Keep it spinning

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