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Hey guys, the record bug is still going strong. I have acquired a few more sweet records since last time and am here to share them with you.

I finally got a copy of Creepshow! This one I have watched a bunch of eBay auctions go for way more than I wanted to pay. Since it was all sold out on the WaxWork store, eBay was my only way of getting it. My patience paid off and was able to snag the limited “bone splatter” version of this with The Creeper slipmat! Listening to this score is pretty cool. I know Creepshow pretty well, so it’s cool to hear the music like this. It also came with The Creeper art print, kinda wish the print was the cover art though. Besides that gripe I am really impressed with the package WaxWork Records did here, so much though that I pre-ordered their upcoming C.H.U.D. soundtrack!


I have a few new Ramones tribute albums, but am trying to get enough to justify a Part 2 off The Vinyl Nerd: Ramones Tributes. These I couldn’t pass up. Dee Dee Ramone- The Final Sessions is actually new this year. It’s pretty cool, it has a cover of Nirvana’s Negative Creep. Only 3 songs total on this, but it’s cool to hear Dee Dee’s rarity tracks. This is on red vinyl.

Pet Sematary is just a rad song from the Ramones. I’ve been looking for this 12″ single for a little bit, and finally found it for a good price. I don’t remember the movie Pet Sematary too well, I’ll have to revisit it.


I went to an MxPx concert a couple weeks ago. They always put on a good live show. They had a couple records I didn’t have so I grabbed them. The 7″ picture disc is pretty cool, it has The Coffee Song and Keep A Beat on it. Secret Weapon is a double gatefold LP.


One day I would like to attend the annual Punk Rock Bowling event they have in Las Vegas every year. Tons of punk rock bands play, and bowl even. Sounds like a fun time all around. Fat Wreck Chords put out these Greetings From PRB 10″ and they were exclusively sold at the event. I got mine from eBay of course, and feel I paid a little too much. I love it though. The vinyl is a rad 2 tone color.

Teenage Kicks is another 10″ I got from eBay. It is a pretty cool punk compilation, some cool bands are on this. I scored this for like 6 bucks! So that justified my overspending on the other one.


I found this rad seller on eBay that was blowing out a ton of records for 3 bucks a pop! So I combed his entire items for sale, and I ended up with 16 records total. This was a huge add of awesome and obscure punk and alternative titles to my collection. Here are a few highlights from that score.


I was a little worried about the shipping since the seller was across the country in Florida, but he was awesome and combined shipping. I think I spent 9 bucks on shipping.


Another great thing about this lot was 90% of these were still sealed! I definitely saved him to my favorite seller list, and hope he puts more up in the future.


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