The Vinyl Nerd: Needles And Spins

Hey guys, welcome back to The Vinyl Nerd! I got a few new records as of late so I’m here to show them off. Let’s get to it!

I’m a big Alkaline Trio fan, and From Here to Infirmary is one of their best. Happy I found this sucker at a good price. This one is grey marble colored vinyl.

The Misfits- Static Age is a great album from them. This is only my 3rd Misfits record, I’m on the lookout for more Misfits deals!


The Bollweevils- Stick Your Neck Out! I got this off eBay from a seller named Bobweevil, I’m not sure if he was in the band or not but that’s a pretty big coincidence. Plus the description said he had about 10 of these, all had minor cover damage for being stored together over the years unwrapped. I’m sure he still has some for sale if your interested. This is on blue colored vinyl.

Foxboro Hot Tubs- Stop Drop and Roll! This is a Green Day side project, I think it’s pretty good. I need to get the other Green Day side band now The Network.


I’m not the biggest Green Day fan, but I couldn’t pass these up for 15 bucks a piece. I played the crap out of Insomniac back in the day. I know Dookie is everyone’s favorite GD album, but I think I prefer Insomniac actually. It’s just I heard Dookie a thousand times and I actually never officially owned it! Nimrod is pretty solid too.


New Tales To Tell- A Tribute to Love and Rockets. This is a pretty cool tribute album. I’ve been watching this one for awhile, waiting for one to go for under 10 bucks. This album comes with a blue 7″ and the 12″ record is red colored vinyl.

Gossip- Movement. This is more indie rock than my usual taste, but it was only 4 bucks and it’s actually not bad. Cool to have when you want to mix it up.


Johnny Ramone- The Final Sessions. I bought the Dee Dee Ramone final sessions awhile ago, now I finally got this Johnny Ramone one. One cool thing I didn’t realize until I got it was Lemmy from Motorhead sings on one track of this, and both tracks are Elvis covers. It also has a pretty cool quote from Johnny Ramone on the back of the jacket. This is on blue colored vinyl.

Ramones- Subterranean Jungle. This is one of the Ramones studio albums that I was missing. This one isn’t their greatest IMO but definitely not their worst. Early 80’s Ramones, it’s fun to hear them change and tweak their sound a little.


Face to Face- Disconnected! I’m a huge Face to Face fan, and I finally snagged a copy of the Disconnected 7″ that wasn’t over 10 bucks. This is long out of print so it’s tough to find at a decent price. I’m pumped for Face to Face’s new album Protection that comes out next month!

Fat Music For Fest People 10″ record. These are really cool, I’m happy to finally add the first FMFP to my collection. Fat Wreck Chords puts these exclusive compilations out ever year for the Fest festival. Now I’m just missing FMFP #3 and the double 12″ #5. My copy is on purple colored vinyl.


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