The Vinyl Nerd: New Year New Tracks

Happy new year record friends! I had a great holiday break, and the future is looking bright too. I wanna share my latest adds before they get buried with other additions. Let’s go!

Fat Wreck Chords came out with a limited edition 7 inch box set, that was more of a 7″ storage box. It was $25 bucks for the box, or $50 bucks for the box with fifteen 7″ records already in it which one they claimed was rare. I sprung for the box w/records as an early Christmas present to myself. It shipped super quick, like less than a week, I was surprised. I ended up with only 2 records that I already had, which is pretty good since I have a bunch of Fat stuff. It’s cool to have more storage for 7″s too, my shoebox was getting pretty crammed.


I went to Hi-Voltage records in Tacoma after Thanksgiving and they had a sale on all their Black Friday RSD releases from the year before. So I snagged this Mighty Mighty Bosstones for only 10 bucks. When I opened it I was pleasantly surprised it was the colored vinyl version. Even more surprised after looking on Discogs the half and half colored is 1/100 pressing.


The Less Than Jake- Greetings and Salutations was a part of a big lot I bought off eBay. I never heard this album before, but I’m a big LTJ fan so I knew it wouldn’t disappoint.

New Found Glory- Kill It Live was also part of my lot bundle I scored. This is actually a pretty good live record spanning their career. It’s a double LP, I got the half black and yellow colored vinyl.


Anti-Flag – American Swing is a newer AF record. It’s pretty much the same ol’ thing, pretty good with all the catchy hooks and choruses.

Only Crime- Pursuance was a nice surprise. I’ve only heard these guys from a 7″ and a few compilations I have. Never heard a full length, I think they are really good. This is on purple vinyl.


AFI- Decemberunderground 7″ boxset. I actually traded a work friend for this. He actually found this at a Goodwill store! I can’t believe his luck, I never find anything this cool. I really like AFI’s earlier work, but I consider this their last good album. The set is on clear vinyl.


Also traded with my work friend was this Dead Milkmen- Big Lizard in my Backyard. I really only knew Bitchin Camaro off this album, but it’s cool to hear a full length by these guys.

Frankenweenie- Unleashed is a weird eclectic mix of songs. I haven’t listened to all of this yet, but so far Plain White T’s- Pet Semetary is the highlight on this. Some interesting artists on this double LP.


Horrorpops- Hell Yeah is full of nostalgia for me. I don’t think I ever had the CD, but everywhere I went that summer I heard this band. Some songs don’t really stand the test of time, but it’s a fun time capsule to revisit.

Kurt Cobain- Montage of Heck. I haven’t seen the film yet, but I decided to get the record because it was a decent price at Silver Platters in Seattle. If your a die-hard Cobain/Nirvana fan pick it up, if not pass on this. Hopefully after seeing the film it’ll have more of a replay value for me. Felt like a lot of filler, and not really special home recordings made the cut. This is a double LP.


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