The Vinyl Nerd: Ramones Tribute Albums Part 2

Gabba Gabba Hey! I did a TVN: Ramones Tribute Albums earlier in the year, and now I’ve collected enough to justify a sequel. It has been a slow go of collecting these, but I am passionate about obtaining these gems.

Probably the most I ever payed for a single record, and even at $40 bucks I got a deal on this. Screaching Weasel- Ramones is a pretty rare record. I am happy to have this, it is really good too. The cover is very soft, like an ultra thin piece of cardboard. Which makes me wonder if I should put some additional cardboard backing in the record sleeve to reinforce it? This is limited to 300 and is on white vinyl.

The clouds parted and the sun shined on me for finding this Operation Ivy- Ramones! This one is again limited to 300 made. It’s a very hard one to find that isn’t costing upwards of 100 bucks. Stole this sucker off eBay for under 30 bucks! Yeah it sounds awful, and it’s only 6 songs on one side, but it’s still pretty rad. I have #213 on red vinyl.


The Beatnik Termites- Pleasant Dreams is a solid tribute album. I actually featured this one before in a previous Vinyl Nerd. This is limited to 1700 and put out by Clearview Records in 1996. This reminds me I need to check out more from the Beatnik Termites!

The Vindictives- Leave Home is probably my least favorite of all the tribute albums. I actually already had the CD so I knew what I was getting into. I mostly dislike the singer’s voice of The Vindictives, it’s like a snotty annoying tone. Found the vinyl for a good price so I figured I’d add it to the collection.


Hey, the McCrackins- Too Tough To Die was already featured in Part 1, but this is a different version. I usually don’t go after a variant version of a record I already have, but this one is pretty awesome. This is the tour edition, with a fabric silk-screened cover, and limited to 300. This is also on blue vinyl.

Oh ya, Jon Cougar Concentration Camp- Too Tough To Die! JCCC really captures the feel of this album. The copy I got the sleeve is a little rough, and it has a lot of surface noise between songs, but I’m happy to have it. This is a hard one to track down.


Man, with knocking out the rarest ones with the Screeching Weasel and Operation Ivy ones, it’s all downhill now. The one I’m most after now is The Queers- Rocket To Russia. I have yet to see that one for a decent price.

In Part 1, I shared my Ramones- Road To Ruin 8 track. Well, now I got another one to join him! Plus this Leave Home 8 track is still sealed!

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