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Welcome back to The Vinyl Nerd! In the first time in TheNerdFilter history there won’t be a Found On The InterNERD this week. It is feeling a little stale, and I’m just trying to mix it up. Sorry to the small die-hard InterNERD fans, the first person to reach out to me can pick the next topic!

Andrew W.K.- Close Calls with Brick Walls is not his greatest album, but it’s great to have this one on record. A lot of weird experimental songs on this. This is a double LP with one blue vinyl and one orange colored vinyl.

Wednesday 13- From Here to the Hearse. I was really excited to win this off eBay for 19 bucks! When this one goes for around 50, I thought I got a good deal. Except the seller shipped it in a paper envelope and it got beat up when it arrived. Luckily the record survived. So besides that bitter-sweet aspect of it, I’m glad to have this in my collection. There are even tracks of Wednesday’s side projects Bourbon Crow and Gunfire 76 on here. This is on purple colored vinyl.


Atom and his Package- Redefining Music is my favorite album from him! It is so good from beginning to end. This is a super hard one to find too, so I was very excited to finally snag a copy!

Voodoo Glow Skulls- Baile De Los Locos isn’t my favorite VGS album, but it was my first CD I ever had from them. Found this one at a good price. It seems like all those 90’s Epitaph records are still really expensive, unless they get a re-issue.


Ramones- Somebody Put Something In My Drink. This a 12″ single that has 3 songs on it. I believe it is a UK import too. It has one of the guys from the movie Freaks on it! So a pretty cool find.

20 Bands Trashing 20 Songs To Find The Way To Sesame Street. This is a punk rock compilation that isn’t very good. I only knew a couple bands on this so I took a chance. It was hard to get through this actually. Can’t win them all.


This Calabrese self-titled is actually signed by the band! Pretty cool group and good record. This is on white vinyl.

Descendents- Somery is one of my favorite albums of all time. Somery is pretty much like a best of from them. It’s funny revisiting this, because songs like Van, Enjoy, and ALL-ogistics I usually just skip because they are more like “filler” songs. You can’t easily skip on vinyl so I just let it play. It’s not that they are bad, it actually gives a big insight into the band’s personality at the time. Anyway this is a double LP.


I used to be a big Tenacious D fan, I still like them, just not too into the music anymore. So it was more of nostalgia sake buying the self-titled record. This is the 12th Anniversary double vinyl version.

Tenacious D- Pick Of Destiny. A soundtrack and a 2nd album. A couple highlights on this one, the first track Kickapoo has Meatloaf and Dio on it! Pretty much more of the same. Have to be in the right mood for comedy and music.


I got a McCrackins 3 7″ auction. I don’t usually go after 7″s but this was so cheap I couldn’t pass up. The McCrackins are a pretty cool pop-punk band. The Best Friend 7″ came with 3D glasses so you can see the whale on the cover in 3D. I thought that was funny and ridiculous.


Toy Dolls- Dig That Groove Baby is IMO their best record. I already had this one, thanks to Gnarsh buying it for me at Singles Going Steady back in the day.

Toy Dolls- A Far Out Disc. More great songs from the quirky English group.


Matt Skiba and the Sekrets- Kuts. The new Matt Skiba is only 10 songs but is pretty solid. I like the moody atmosphere he creates. Thanks to my Grandma and Uncle for giving me Best Buy gift cards for Christmas. I found out that the Best Buy web site has records! This is on red colored vinyl.

The Dwarves- Radio Free Dwarves. I ordered this from Riot Style Records like back in October. I kept getting emails from them saying there was problems with the pressings, and they had to start over. So rather than getting a refund, I opted to just wait. It finally came and instead of a 10″ like they planned it’s a 12″. The other cool thing about this is it’s on cokebottle colored vinyl with one side etched. There is also a banned cover version, like the full frontal woman wasn’t risque enough.


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