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Hey fellow record collectors! Halloween is coming up quick, and I have bought a few records for the season. Here are my latest pickups.

Wednesday 13-Tunes From The Crypt! This is only a 7 inch but is still very cool. Manage to snag this off eBay, the seller was asking 20 bucks or best offer, and I offered 13 and he took it! This one is signed by Wednesday 13 himself too. On clear cokebottle vinyl.


I sought after this The Hills Have Eyes record specifically for the cover. I am going to the Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma next weekend and Michael Berryman is going to be there. I think it’ll be cool to have him sign this. Berryman is just a great character actor that has been in some great movies.

The last Vinyl Nerd I shared the Creepshow score soundtrack, since then I have been obsessed with getting more Waxwork Records. I stumbled on this Friday the 13th Part 2 soundtrack for a great price. The vinyl is blue with red splatter.


This one isn’t so much a Halloween inspired purchase. I bought the re-issue of Voodoo Glow Skulls- Who Is This Is last year, now I have the original picture disc too for my collection. My favorite VGS album!

Another picture disc The 69 Eyes- Framed In Blood best of. A great moody/goth band ala the likes of Type O Negative or Sisters Of Mercy. Only 10 tracks on this, but cool to have.


Squirtgun is one of those great pop-punk bands from the 90’s. I was incredibly lucky to find the Squirtgun S/T and Another Sunny Afternoon records for 7 bucks a piece! They were both sealed too. That is like the price they were 20 years ago when they were new!


Four On The Floor is a compilation from Panic Button records featuring 4 bands doing 4 tracks each. Moral Crux, Teen Idols, Enemy You, and Screeching Weasel are the bands on this. I’m a big Enemy You fan, and have been looking to get this for awhile. All the songs are great on this.

Fat Music For Fest People 4, is a 10 inch compilation from Fat Wreck Chords. This is the fourth one, I still need to get the first 3. The vinyl is pink and purple swirl.


I also got the Fat Music For Riot Fest People 1 and 2! These are three 7 inch flexi-disc sets. They are pretty cool to have, my Fat Wreck collection is growing pretty steady. I really like most of the Fat bands.


The Canadian rock band Danko Jones has been one of my favorite groups for awhile now. They aren’t the normal punk band I listen to, but that is what keeps my taste eclectic. I’m happy to finally have a Danko Jones on vinyl with Fire Music.

Tumbledown self-titled album I finally got on record. My buddy Gnarsh sold this to me. I’ve been to a bunch of Tumbledown shows back in the day. I don’t think Mike Herrera and company are doing any new Tumbledown records. The vinyl is root beer color.


I went into a F.Y.E. recently and walked by their overpriced vinyl section. They had a sale of the red “hot deal” stickers that were half off– so I flipped through them. The only good one was Rise Against – Long Forgotten Songs B Sides & Cover Songs 2000-2013. So I got it for under 15 bucks, which isn’t too bad for a 2 LP release. They have some really cool cover songs on this like Face To Face, Minor Threat, and Black Flag.

I have a soft spot for Screeching Weasel. How To Make Enemies And Irritate People was one of the first full length SW albums I heard. This re-issue is cool because of the cover made to look like an old EC comic book. Plus the record is on white colored vinyl.


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