The Ωmega Blog: Rose City Comic Con Recap


Greetings internet. Well the Rose City Comic Con was last weekend. Topher, RustyNova, Oloff, and myself got the privilege of getting press passes to go down and cover the event. Early Saturday morning we embarked for the trip down to Portland, Oregon. We stopped at Voodoo Doughnut before we entered the convention center, to get the quick sugar fix needed for the long day ahead. Walking into RCCC we asked where do we go for press passes, and proceeded to the area to get our badges. Bypassing the long line full of regular suckers! We even entered the main floor a few minutes early. The doors were at 10am but we entered around 9:45 with people scrambling to set up their booths. We looked at each other and decided to take advantage and hit some booths for good deals now! I did find an Amazing Spider-Man #298 for 50 bucks, but it was in a half-price section on the table so I got it for $25 bucks! That’s the issue Todd McFarlane did his first Spider-Man, and first appearance by Eddie Brock, who is Venom- appearing in issue #300. It turns out that was a great price for that book, cause the cheapest I saw it everywhere else was $75 bucks. That was pretty much the best comic I scored all day, here is what I got.


Found some cool Giant-Size #1′s too, that were in decent shape. Also some Deadpool and other variants. Not everything on my wishlist but I was happy. Met up with Oloff and his buddy that went down the day before. Seemed like everyone was getting lost from the group, then coming back, then getting lost again. So much stuff to look at though, nobody minded. RustyNova was the official cameraman and he got a bunch of great shots, and lots of cosplay. Visit our Facebook page to see those. It was about time to get some books signed now. Here’s the stuff I brought to get signed..


Basically comic-wise I got 3 Hawkeyes signed by Matt Fraction, 3 Deadpools signed by Cullen Bunn, 3 Batman 66 signed by Jeff Parker, 2 signed by Tim Seeley, and DB Cooper signed by Brian Churilla. I brought an Axe Cop poster with me to have signed by Ethan Nicolle. He was selling a book full of his art that I thought was pretty rad, so I bought it. He flipped to the back page and asked what I wanted him to draw. I said I dunno, maybe a robot? He was like why don’t I draw you–so that was a cool surprise. We all attended the Kelly Sue DeConnick panel. I didn’t know much about her except she does Captain Marvel. She was great, and really gave an insight on writing, and women in comics. DeConnick is definitely one of a kind showing how passionate she is about her projects, and just comics in general. I see why she has such a large fan base. She gets personal with people and really connects with her audience through her books. It’s pretty amazing actually. Walking by the Axe Cop booth again later in the afternoon I saw the little brother Malachai Nicolle was there! If you don’t know Axe Cop is written by Malachai who is now 8 years old, and Ethan the older brother draws it! I got the little brother to sign the poster too. Malachai is the real deal, he has to be the most ADD kid ever. He was talking to some other guy about dinosaurs and lasers, then told me he is going to sign the back of my poster too. Ha alright, I see now why that series and cartoon is so crazy.

It was a blast, I truly enjoyed being there. I bought lots of cool art prints too by insanely talented artists. Topher mentioned about half way through the day that he was surprised there were so many girls here. Yeah, it’s about half and half. Everyone is embracing the spirit of liking the same scene, and the comradery that goes along with that. Now I am having withdrawals!

Until next time -Darrell

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