This Week In Comic Books 1/8/14

Yes, I’m finally back at the helm of This Week In Comic Books!  We’re almost back to full comic release speed after the holiday season, but it’s still pretty slow.  We’re finally blessed with the greatest cover in comic book history, though, so everything is looking good!

All New Marvel Now Point One #1
Deadpool #22

4.  All New Marvel Now Point One #1

Normally I’m not a huge Marvel Superhero fan, but this seems to be a quite important issue.  The book has the lead in stories for Loki: Agent of Asgard, Silver Surfer, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, All-New Invaders, and Avengers World.  Pick it up if you’re interested in any of these stories!

3.  Deadpool #22

No This Week In Comic Books is complete without the weekly Deadpool release!  Still continuing the revenge on S.H.I.E.L.D. storyline, which I haven’t started yet.  There are rumors of an impending Deadpool wedding, so my curiosity is high.

Batman 66 The TV Stories
Sex Criminals #1 4th Printing

2.  Batman ’66: The T.V. Stories TPB

I really enjoyed my run with Batman ’66, but I ended up having to eliminate the book due to financial constraints.  The book is super high in nostalgia, sweet stories, and great old characters.  Pick this tpb up for a lot of old timey fun.

1.  Sex Criminals #1 4th Printing

This could, possibly, be the greatest piece of literature in American history, and it’s even bettered by the amazing cover, as you can see.   When it was announced, I proclaimed my newfound homosexuality for Chip Zdarsky, artist for Sex Criminals.  Please, for your sake, pick this book up and get into some freaky stuff.

Darrell’s Picks:

Lil Vampi #1
Sex Criminals #4

Lil Vampi #1

Oh wow, this turning characters into kids trend is getting out of hand. I don’t know much about Vampirella except for the fact that she’s always busting out of her costume in the shirt area. Yes her boobs seem to be her gimmick. So seeing the character as a young tyke seems a bit weird. This comic comes with a 2-page activity book too; think I’ll pick one up just because it’s so weird.

Sex Criminals #4

This series is great, and recommended to any mature audiences with a good sense of humor. Suzie and Jon have been together for 3 issues now. They both realize they can stop time by having sex. It has been fun and light for the most part, until now! Issue #4 looks to be where it turns to be diving into something more deep. Why they have the powers they do? Who is behind the “the Quiet”? All might unravel with a giant plot twist! Or maybe they just keep having sex and committing crimes.

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