This Week In Comic Books 8/14/13

Howdy boys and girls, This Week In Comic Books is back, and stronger than ever.  Luckily, last week is over, thanks to a surprisingly weak assortment of releases.  This time, we see a new video game series, the start of the next major Marvel release, and, finally, no totally weirdness from Darrell!  Woot-woot!  To be honest, there were a few Darrell-like releases, but he refrained from writing about them, possibly due to pier pressure from me.  Well, enough shit talking, let’s do this!

Halo Initiation #1
Alpha Big Time Graphic Novel

4.  Halo Initiation #1

Yes, the popular video game series is getting a three issue comic book run!  Halo Initiation stars Sarah Palmer, a Spartan who is defending human kind.  This looks interesting, and although I’m not a huge fan of Halo, I’m definitely checking this out!

3.  Alpha Big Time Graphic Novel

As most of you know, I am a huge Alpha Big Time fan, and if you didn’t have a chance to catch his 5 issue series, now is the chance with the release of the graphic novel.  It follows Alpha, as he regains his powers and learns to respect them.  I thought the series was excellent, and well worth the read.

Infinity #1
Batman #23

2.  Batman #23

Oooh, Batman #23 shows the moment that Bruce Wayne becomes Batman in the 3rd installment of the Zero Year story arc.  Also, young Bruce Wayne is in grave danger in the backup story, just to keep thing interesting.  If you’ve been following Zero Year, you know lead writer Scott Snyder has really been flexing his chops!

1.  Infinity #1

Thanos Rising was, beyond a doubt, one of the darkest comic books I’ve read in quite some time, and the Thanos story hits the “Age of Ultron” big stage in this Marvel Universe-wide story.  Most of the major comic book series will be visited by the arc, with, hopefully, a more interesting and understandable storyline than Age of Ultron brought to the table.

Darrell’s Picks 

Deadpool #14
Adventure Time Candy Capers #2

Deadpool #14

The last flashback installment in Deadpool #13 he “teamed up” with Luke Cage and Iron Fist. A hilarious and highly recommend issue. Now back in present time, Luke Cage and Iron Fist are back cause the White Man broke out of his harden state. This will be the conclusion 40 years (last issue) in the making.

Adventure Time Candy Capers #2

The 2nd issue of Candy Capers has Adventure Time’s Candy Kingdom in an uproar. Where are Finn and Jake? Can Peppermint Butler find them? Why is he a detective and a butler? This miniseries is pretty funny, also pretty sweet. See what I did there.