This Week In Comic Books 6/12/13

Here we go again, the best day of the week, Comic Book release day!  This week is proving to be expensive for myself, with 4 issues landing in my box, and another that I have to get. Here, I am ranking the top 6 releases for the week, take a look at them on Things From Another Planet, our advertiser to the right of the page,  and, of course, Amazon to the top of the page to purchase these great titles!

L'il Gotham #3
Deadpool Killustrated Graphic Novel

6.  Li’l Gotham #3

Li’l Gotham is a great way to break up the death and dismemberment of your normal Comic Book Store pull.  It’s good, clean, all ages fun, that you can share with your little ones, if you’ve found your Harley Quinn.  There’s still good guys, and bad guys, but there’s definitely more mischief than mayhem.

5.  Deadpool Killustrated Graphic Novel

Here for you literary buffs, Deadpool Killustrated, where Deadpool travels back in time of your favorite pieces of literature.  Sure to be a blast, this series just wrapped up and is available to you in one quip filled package.

Wolverine #4 2013
Batman #21 Zero Year

4.  Wolverine #4

So far, Wolverine’s story arc has been compelling and immersing as he tracks the source causing mayhem, and making normally people suicidally violent.  It’s still early if you’re not one board with this series yet!

3.  Batman #21

Caution, new arc ahead!  Batman’s new story arc, called Zero Year, promises to be cutting edge, according to Scott Snider, lead writer, “There are too many people out there who would kill to do their dream Batman story. To sit here and play it safe and just write small, easy arcs — if you have a story in mind that you think could be better than that. I’d rather go out and fall on my face with a story that I believe in my heart is the best and craziest and most daring thing we could do, and doing that.”

Alpha Big Time #5
Superman Unchained #1

2.  Alpha Big Time #5/5

Damn, end of the road for the dedicated Alpha Big Time storyline.  I’ve followed Alpha since the beginning, and I really enjoyed it all the way through.  If you’ve missed this series, be sure to look for the Trade Paperback, no doubt, on the way.

1.  Superman Unchained #1

Superman is back, with a new story and lead writer on board, Scott Snider, D.C. Comic’s hottest writer.  I have never been a huge Superman guy, but I am going to give this series a try, and perhaps include it on my list at the shop, if it is compelling enough.  Don’t forget though, there are 13 covers to choose from, if you’re rich, get them all!

Other notables released:  Captain America GN #1 Castaway In Dimension Z, Deadpool #11, Green Lantern Corps #21, Guardians of the Galaxy #3, Savage Wolverine #6, Thor God of Thunder #9, Walking Dead #111, Wolverine and the Xmen #31.