Top 5 Most Enduring Conspiracy Theories

Many events have taken place over the years, some true, some not and some we just do not have the correct answers for. We are here to highlight the most believed conspiracy theories in the USA.

There are many strange things that have happened in the past and many people in the USA believe a lot of the stories that have been spread around. Here are five of the most believed conspiracy theory stories of all time.

The JFK Assassination


There are many theories going around as to what actually happened.

What we do know is that JFK was assassinated on the 22nd of November 1963, he was shot once in the neck and once in the neck while driving through Dallas.

And the person charged with killing his was Lee Harvey Oswald, who apparently acted alone.

The Famous 9/11 Cover-Up


The last time there was this much hype about something that happened in America was the JFK assassination!

We do know that there is clear footage and photographs of two planes crashing into the twin towers, but what we are not 100% sure of is who exactly it was that caused this.

As many as 42% of Americans were reported to have believed that the whole event was covered up.

The First Man to Walk on the Moon was Faked


It has been almost forty years since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, but did he?

Many Americans do not believe that he ever made it to the moon. They believe that the U.S government was desperately trying to beat the Russians to it.

There is no independent proof that the landings where not a hoax, so what should we think?

The Roswell Incident


Another one of the most believed conspiracy theories in the USA! In 1947 there was an incident where a UFO crashed into a ranch in New Mexico.

To this day there is no hard evidence that this crash was due to an out of space airborne object. Most people believe that this craft was in fact occupied by beings from another planet. Is it true? No one will ever know the whole truth regarding these events!

Area 51


This is one of the most believed conspiracy theories in history. Many people still believe that the US government is covering up what happened or did not happen in area 51.

This location is situated 150 miles from the gambling capital of the world – Las Vegas and it has been sparking emotions since the event occurred.

Thee are numerous reports of sightings, but are they actually true? Guess we will never really know the whole truth behind this mystery or any other one for that matter.

Secret Societies that Control the World


Only the very elite few who apparently rule or control the world will know the real truth behind this conspiracy.

It has been said that in 2004, both of the candidates for the White House were involved with a secret society known as The Skull and Bones Society.

Apparently they are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these secret powers than run the world.

It is the individuals choice to choose what they believe, but these are five of the top most believed conspiracy theories in the USA. What are your views on the subject?

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