Topher’s Top Video Games of 2013: The Complete List!

Hello, and welcome to my top games of 2013.  Each year, I recap every newly released game that I played, and I rank them from my least favorite, to my top game of the year.  Now, keep in mind, I did not play every game released, and for some reason I seem to play a lot of shit games, but I enjoy reviewing those the most.  Where applicable, I’ll link the review I wrote on the game, and if you disagree, please comment in the section below.  Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, subscribe to us on YouTube, and follow us on Twitter!!!!!


39.  Hot Wheels: World’s Best Driver  REVIEW

By far, the shittiest game of 2013, Hot Wheels: World’s Best Driver features terrible controls, astronomically horrendous visuals, and an even worse story, this one easily takes up the rear.  I knew I was in trouble a couple of hours into the game, I received my copy almost a week late, and I was ranked 1st in the entire world in every event.

38.  The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct  REVIEW

Almost as funny as it is bad, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct made me want to re circumcise myself with a rusty shovel.  At first I thought it was me; that there was no way a successful T.V. show would allow such a terrible thing to be released to the public, but I was wrong.  Stay away, lest you lose a part of your penis.

Young Justice Boxart

37.  Turbo Stunt Squad: The Game  REVIEW

Somehow, I was surprised by this game, I was really expecting something either fun, or with easy trophies.  What I got, however, was exceptionally bad, and impossible, for me, to platinum.  Fuck you, you goddamn slugs.

36.  Young Justice: Legacy  REVIEW

Following in the footsteps of Turbo Stunt Squad, I really, really was expecting something fun.  Terrible Playstation 2 era graphics, boring combat mechanics, and underwhelming voice acting tanked this DC Comics title.  Fortunately, I was able to ruin my children’s weekend as well, as there was 3 player co-op.


35.  Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate REVIEW

This game made me the maddest of all the games released in 2013, as I was very excited for its release.  Again, disappointment was the word of the day, as the developers took a storied franchise and attempted to ruin it.  Worse yet, the Playstation Vita is attempting to become a respected platform, and this game did nothing to help.  Bad controls, absent combat, and confusing map layouts rules this atrocity.

34.  Adventure Time:  Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know!

Hey, we’ve come to the first video game that I didn’t review, and although it isn’t at the bottom of the list, don’t take that as a good sign.  Originally, Darrell and I had plans on playing this one together cooperatively, but after receiving the game in the mail on release day and playing it for around 3 hours, I texted D with the warning…DON’T BUY THIS GAME.  Extremely repetitive, boring to tears, and a complete money grab by the developers and licensees, ATETDBIDK was a disaster.

Resident Evil REvelations boxart
_-MUD-FIM-Motocross-World-Championship-Xbox-360-_ boxart

33.  Resident Evil: Revelations  REVIEW

My first Resident Evil game showed the original product of  being a DS title, with bad acting, a lacking script, and ridiculous situations.  Revelations never seemed to grab my attention, the characters weren’t believable, the plot twists were obvious, and I honestly didn’t remember the final resolution 2 hours after completion.  I do, however, remember the terrible difficulty spike of the final boss fight that took Xander and me hours to beat.

32.  MUD: FIM World Motocross Championships REVIEW

This game was so bad, GameFly wouldn’t even send it to me, and I had to go to three different GameStop’s to buy it.  Bad techno soundtrack, repetition, and a lack of differentiated track compounds disasterate this title.  Stay away, unless you REALLY need some off road Motocross racing in your life!

KillerIsDead Boxart

31.  Killer is Dead  REVIEW

Wow, it really surprises me to find this title down this low on the list.  I really love Suda51 previous games, but KiD was a major disappointment.  It was very uninspired, sexist to disturbing levels, and extremely farm-centric on the trophies/achievements, I was left with a sour taste in my mouth for this game.  Hopefully we’ll see something better in the future from Suda51, because I might be off his fanwagon.

30.  Omerta: City of Gangsters  REVIEW

Having previously made the Tropico series, when the developers announced Omerta:  City of Gangsters, I was really excited, but I ended up being disinterested.  Not a big fan of turned based combat games, but even then the strategy for the neighborhoods left me feeling unrewarded.  I probably should have known, but Omerta barely cracked the top 30 of my list.


29.  Valhalla Knights 3

I honestly don’t know what I was thinking, trying this game.  It’s been proven several times over that Japanese RPG’s and Topher doesn’t mix.  Grinding XP for hours by killing rabbits is the name of the game; I played for 35 hours and didn’t even get to the first boss fight.  There were reports of this being a 200 hour game, and let’s be honest, that’s beyond my scope of abilities right there.

28.  Armored Core:  Verdict Day  REVIEW

I actually enjoyed Armored Core: Verdict Day, but I was pretty much the only one playing it.  Japan received the game much earlier than the U.S. did, and the novelty of the game wore off there, and never caught on here.  Mechanically, the game was solid, the only problem was the difficulty required 2 players, and it took ages to find someone else.  Then, after the 5 minute mission, you had to search again, because your partner got shuffled back into the que


27.  Hotline Miami

I got this one from Playstation Plus; Hotline Miami is a top down shooter, and a decent one at that.  This game, however, isn’t one I can play for long periods of time, it’s decently difficult, and one mistake and you’ll have to restart the area you’re in.  Be prepared to do this, thousands of times.

26.  Crysis 3  REVIEW

A game that arrived at my house with huge expectations, Crysis 3 failed to reach them.  I enjoyed Crysis 2 immensely, but the third installment fell short.  I never grew attached to the characters, the combat suffered by a lack of weight assigned to the played character.  The multiplayer, however, was a good deal of fun, and the maps were varied and well designed.

Grid 2 Boxart

25.  Dead Island:  Riptide  REVIEW

Another sequel with big shoes to follow, Riptide took everything that needed to be bettered in the first game, and did absolutely nothing.  The game was a complete retread, nothing new to add, no glitches fixed, and nothing groundbreaking.  I ended up playing it on both the Xbox and PS3, and I regret it all, aside from the fun I had playing with Rackus.

24.  Grid 2  REVIEW

We’re finally getting into some games I enjoyed….to a point.  Grid 2 was fun at the beginning but a lack of customization hurt the overall experience.  You couldn’t change the car’s set up, only liveries, or visuals, and that really took a lot away from the game.  In the end, I just lost interest, wishing for more.

Injustice Gods Among Us Boxart
Deadpool Boxart

23.  Injustice:  Gods Among Us  REVIEW

Yay, finally a game I enjoyed!  Injustice: Gods Among Us was the first fighting game I ever played, and I did have a decent time doing so.  The characters and voice acting were lacking, and the story was atrocious.  The ending was a complete “Well…..duh!” moment, but it’s still worth your time.

22.  Deadpool  REVIEW

Deadpool isn’t a great video game, but I had a complete blast playing it, so much so that I replayed it on the Playstation 3 after completing it on the Xbox.  There are some pretty substantial flaws, but the fun factor wins out with this one.

Beyond Two Souls Boxarty
REmeber Me Boxart

21.  Beyond:  Two Souls

Wow, I was completely torn on this one.  In fact, I never even wrote my review because it was too difficult.  I had high expectations going in, and the lack of actual gameplay took a lot away from the game.  However, the voice acting was top notch, and the story, on the outset, was phenomenal.  The ending left a lot to be desired.  I’d play this one and make up my own mind.

20.  Remember Me  REVIEW

Oh my gosh, how I wanted this game to be amazing.  In the end, it didn’t live up to the expectations, but it did try very hard at being different.  From customizable combos, to the new gameplay mechanic of memory remix, Remember Me set out to differentiate it’s self from the masses.  It did, but not necessarily successfully in all areas.

Soul Sacrifice Boxart

19.  Runner 2:  Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

Most likely, this is a game you’ve never heard of unless you have Playstation Plus, but let me assure you, this is a quality game that is extremely addictive.  You don’t control the speed of your character, just the jumping and dodging as you sprint through obstacle courses.  It quite surprised me, I never get into these games, but this one is good.

18.  Soul Sacrifice

This should have come with a warning “Japanese game: Topher stay away!”  Ok, ok, it’s a good game, and a great game on the Vita, but seriously, impossible bosses, extreme difficulty, and grinding isn’t my forte.  If it is yours, jump on the game, honestly I’m the only person on this earth that didn’t enjoy it.

Payday 2 boxart

17.  Payday 2  REVIEW

I’m actually a bit surprised that this game is this low on the list, I had a good time playing it.  Rackus and I (who wrote the review) spent numerous hours toiling away at this game, and had a blast doing so.  In the end, however, the game is a grind, and it doesn’t have a whole lot of substance.  With a few tweaks, this could be a top notch franchise.

16.  Assassin’s Creed 4

I did give this game a good chance at being loved, I just was constantly reminded of what it wasn’t.  No Ezio, no medieval times, no fun.  Sure, the combat is improved, but the game never got its teeth into me, never gave me a reason to play it.  Finally, after one-too-many boat trips, I was through.  Opportunity lost, Ubisoft.

Rayman's Legends Vita Boxart
Lego Legends of Chima boxart vita

15.  Rayman’s Legends VITA  REVIEW

I’m the #1 fan of the Rayman series, I’ve 100%’d Origins on the 360, PS3, and Vita, and I love playing Legends on the Playstation 3 as well.  The Vita version of Legends wasn’t very good.  Vague controls, missing levels on launch, and an annoying new gameplay mechanic, Murphy, really ruin the overall experience.  On second thought, I might be madder than this game is bad, so your results may vary.

14.  Lego Legends of Chima:  Laval’s Journey  REVIEW

Here’s a game that took me by complete surprise, Lego Legends of Chima arrived at my house with very little expectations, aside from being an easy Platinum Trophy.  What I got was interesting diverse, and a Lego game with very little grinding.  Now, it’s only available on the Nintendo DS and Playstation Vita systems, but get it if you can.

Rain Boxart
Killzone Mercenary Boxartg

13.  Rain  REVIEW

This is a Sony produced game for the PSN, and one that Rackus brought to my attention.  A boy and a girl are invisible to the world and each other, that is, unless they are being rain on.  It’s a nice, slow moving game with great visuals and a compelling storyline.  So compelling, in fact, that the writers never explain what is going on!

12.  Killzone:  Mercenary  REVIEW

Yet another game that took me by surprise, Killzone:  Mercenary is a Vita-only title released in 2013.  I thoroughly do not enjoy the Killzone franchise, and I wasn’t looking forward to this game.  The game, however, is entirely fun, completely varied, and features an outstanding Multiplayer, and on top of all of that, it’s a Vita title.

god of war ascension

11.  Lego Marvel Superheroes  REVIEW

Did I have fun?  Yes.  Did I love it?  Yes.  Was I disappointed?  Yes.  Lego Marvel Superheroes has a good story, average, for a Lego game, story and voice acting, and on top of all of that, it’s extremely glitchy as most Lego game can be.  This  lead to me having a sour taste in my mouth, especially after completing the story and free play levels, then going into the open world and completing 199 of 200 missions.  The last one?  Glitched.

10.  God of War:  Ascension  REVIEW

I’ve never completed a God of War game before, I never got into the franchise, and it just isn’t my cuppa tea.  I did, though, play Ascension, and I absolutely loved it.  It was slow to GoW returning players, but for me, I was astonished with the fit and finish, along with the mechanics of the overall gameplay.  It also featured one of the most difficult sequences I’ve played in video games, and it left me feeling fulfilled when I completed it.  Please, do yourself a favor, and play this game and franchise.

Pikmin 3 boxart
Metro Last Light Boxart

9.  Pikmin 3  REVIEW

Pikmin 3 was, without a doubt, a huge surprise in my house.  After starting the game, Xander (my oldest son) commandeered my Wii U and took over my game, playing days and days ahead of me, rendering me useless at playing the game at more advanced levels.  In the end, he helped write the review with me, and we both decided, Pikmin 3 is one of the top 10 games of the year.

8.  Metro:  Last Light  REVIEW

Metro:  2033 is one of the most underrated games of the current (previous?) generation, and Last Light was a highly anticipated release, here at The Nerd Filter.  It was a triumphant return to Nuclear Russia, and improvements were made to better the overall experience.  If you haven’t played this one, I highly urge you to pick it up.

gran turismo 6 boxart
Battlefield 4 boxart

7.  Gran Turismo 6

A very late arrival to the gaming community, Gran Turismo 6 proves Polyphonic was listening to their customer base, improving the overall interface, loading times, and gameplay.  Unfortunately, it still lacks the fun factor that Forza brings.  Like I’ve explained to my friends, GT is a beautiful nude model in Playboy, exquisite in every way, and Forza is that whore down the street; much more functional and more fun to play with.

6.  Battlefield 4  MultiplayerREVIEW SingleplayerREVIEW

If you’re a returning friend of the Filter, you’ll know that Battlefield 4 is the most important thing in my life right now.  I’m making videos on YouTube, writing a weekly blog, and playing almost every opportunity that I have.  You will also know that the game is a glitchy mess, the singleplayer is almost unplayable if you’re playing multiplayer during breaks, and Playstation and Xbox freezing is an hourly occurrence.  Most of all, you’ll also know that all the aggravation is 100% worth it.

Batman Arkham Origins boxart
Lego City Undercover Boxart

5.  Batman Arkham Origins  REVIEW

This game went from MEH, to YAY in about 2.5 chapters.  Arriving is a new developer, worthless multiplayer, and a new Detective Mode that is completely useless.   Back is all the fun combat, being freaking Batman, and hours of ingame content.  This is still a Batman game, in all ways you know and love.

4.  Lego City Undercover REVIEW

Honestly, who would have thought that a Wii U title would make the top 5?  Not me, but I seriously had the second most fun video gaming this year while playing Lego City Undercover.  A perfect mix of Lego fun, open world action, and what the Wii U can give gamers.  Don’t miss this one, it’s worth it!

Rayman Legends Boxart
Bioshock Infinite boxaRT

3.  Rayman Legends  REVIEW

I did try and argue with my kids about making this game #1 on my list, but I couldn’t justify it.  Rayman is one of my favorite series, and this one didn’t disappoint.  (This Vita version did, however.)  It learned from the successes of the Rayman Origins, in fact brining many of the levels to be replayed, and betters almost every aspect that was weak from the first (of this generation) as well.  I still haven’t replayed the game on the Wii U, the original console for this game, but I’ll have to rectify that soon.

2.  Bioshock Infinite  REVIEW

Any other year, and this game would have been #1.  Well conceived, well written, and well done, Bioshock Infinite is everything that is great about gaming right now.  Using social issues in game to make you think, Infinite never got old or preachy, I really can’t wait to replay this gem on the Playstation 3.


1.  The Last of Us  REVIEW

I knew in my heart that The Last of Us would be the best game of  2013 when Rackus and I spent as much time as we did complaining about render lines between the ground and buildings as we were both playing the game.  That is ridiculous, but it was, honestly, the only thing to complain about.  A game that tears at your heartstrings throughout the experience, The Last of Us is one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had playing a video game.  Get it, buy it, play it.

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