Weekly Card Therapy

Welcome again to another therapy session. As I lie down on the couch and spill my guts out why I thought it was a good idea to collect such dumb trading cards. I really don’t know what I was thinking on some of these. Why didn’t I have a friend or relative tell me to collect sports cards instead? I probably wouldn’t have listened anyway, oh well.

Nintendo Game Packs: Punch-Out

punchout 001
punchout2 001

From 1989 here is Punch-Out Splat from Nintendo Game Packs, last time I showed you the scratch off game, this one is the sticker #25. They have Nintendo tips on the back.

Rad Dudes: Nerdy Nathan

nerdy 001
nerdy2 001

From 1990 here is Nerdy Nathan. From the Rad Dudes trading card series.

The Flinstones: Barney The Bus Boy?!

flinstones 001
flinstones2 001

From 1993 here is Barney The Bus Boy?! From The Flinstones series based on the movie The Flinstones. Card #56.