Welcome to the Strange: Hot Pockets Save Lives!


Hey strangers! I never thought I would see the day when a flaky crusted pastry filled with savory meat and melted cheese would save someones life, but you know what it has happened.

An Ohio man says a last minute decision to pick up Hot Pockets saved his life.

Jason Bartley, 38, was running errands and was just about to head home to his Akron apartment Tuesday, Bartley decided to make one last stop at the Dollar General to pick up a couple of tasty Hot Pockets.

When he got home, his apartment building was on fire (With passion and love?).

A firefighter walks up a driveway as an apartment building burns in Akron, Ohio, Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015, where authorities say a small business jet crashed. The plane burst into flames and disintegrated after impact. It was unclear how many people were on board. (Scott Ferrell via AP)

A charter plane on it’s way from Florida to Minnesota had crashed into Bartley’s building, completely destroying the structure and damaging a nearby house.

All seven passengers and two crew members aboard the plane were killed. Bartley’s apartment building, which contained four units, was completely empty at the time of the crash.

If Bartley hadn’t made his delicious detour there would have been one more fatality.

“Sometimes you get nauseous thinking about it,” Bartley said.

Is he talking about the Hot Pockets or the disaster? …Stay Strange!