Welcome to the Strange: Meet Toby the Two Nosed Dog


Hey Strangers! damn this dog is cute!

Ray is the owner of the Venice Beach Freak show in Los Angeles. He also holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of two headed animals, so unusual animals are his specialty.

But while Ray has owned many multi headed animals, he’s never had one that possessed two noses.

That is, until Toby, a 2-year-old Australian Shepherd that was rescued a year ago after it was abandoned in Fresno by its previous owners.

“He was picked up by the dog catcher,I heard about him and contacted them and they said it was almost at the end of his time. They were going to put him down.” Ray said.

Luckily, an animal rescue group nosed its way in and saved Toby from being put down.

Ray was then allowed to adopt the two snouted shepherd and add him to a pet menagerie that includes Pinky, a two legged chihuahua and Rocky, a five legged miniature doberman.

Ray was initially worried that the two noses might present breathing problems, such as a hole inside the mouth linked to the nasal area.

However, a vet who closely examined Toby’s two noses said the dog is perfectly healthy.

Now, Ray suspects his pooch with the twin proboscis actually has a supersized sense of smell.

“He can sniff out anything,” Ray said. “I can throw a ball where no one can see it and he’ll still pick it out.”

Toby not only has two noses, but also two nicknames.

“I call him Toby One Kenobi, but also Toby Two Nose, that sounds like a gangster name,” Ray laughed.


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