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Hey strangers, do you like spooky stories? I know I do, make sure you always read spooky stories at night when you are alone.

Black-Eyed, Soulless Creature


It was the first month of 2014 on a highway near Mt. Hood, Oregon. Two of my best friends and I were coming back from a snowboarding trip at about 11:30 p.m. The night was eerie in a way: partial fog and not a soul around.

We were driving about 55 mph. I was in the front passenger seat as I began to make out a figure ahead of us in the second lane to the right of us. It just stood there. We drove out of the fog and there it was…

A clear image of a creature that is not of this planet.

As we drove by it, I stared right into its soulless black eyes. The driver only got a glimpse of it and thought it was a small dear, so he did not bother of thinking twice about it. The other passenger was asleep.

It felt like I had looked into the eyes of Death. The creature was about 4.5 feet tall with large black eyes. It had wings covering its body and skinny legs sticking out at the bottom.

As soon as I got home I made a sketch of it. When I showed it to the driver, I saw that deep inside he knew what this creature was and that he saw it as well. He just didn’t want to accept the fact of something so unearthly. He was a Christian buddy of mine.

To this day, the image of that lost, empty, soulless creature is still imprinted in my head. They are real… and they are out there.

Bad Shadows

by Sean Foster

I have been wanting to share this experience for about a month now, it is all 100% true so believe what you want to believe. Probably for about a couple of months, I have noticed very strange moving dark shadows when i’m trying to sleep in bed.

Just to let you know they do not resemble a shape of a person, it is more like a morphing shadow that grows and stretches and moves around the room. For a while, it was just that and I was able to sleep pretty easily but it was still freaky and very uncomfortable.

But, one night at around 2 or 3am, I am quite convinced I may have been attacked by…something…and it was very scary. I felt a huge weight on my body and I could actually feel like something was chocking me and I couldn’t breathe at all at some certain points, this happened for a fair while (maybe 30 minutes) and it stopped.

Another night, maybe a couple weeks later, the weird shadows were in my room in the dark again but this time I just curled up feeling sad and almost tearing up. I think I may have been confessing to myself that I have been doing bad things.

Anyway as I was in this state of sadness I immediately felt this presence, but it was not bad at all, in fact it was entirely different! I heard the door open and shut and then I felt someone sit down beside me and I could hear a faint voice calling my name and asking what was wrong?

I answered and after I felt like I was being comforted just like a mother would comfort their children if they were sad. I could feel a hand rubbing my head and face and then a while later they got up and left and opened and shut door again.

I also want to let you know that during this “visit” I did not open my eyes to see who it was, it just did not cross my mind and I was not scared or anything, I just felt safe and comfortable as if it was my mum in my room. 

So it all comes down to this… can anyone please explain to me what I went through? any info is welcome as to what the shadows are and also what the second visit was. Was it an angel?

I felt very safe and fine because I fell asleep like a baby when they/it left. I know this may sound very unbelievable but like I said believe what you want to believe because I am speaking the truth.

Stay Strange!

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