Welcome to the Strange: Urban Legends of Washington

Hey strangers! I love the scary and strange, urban legends and so on are right up in there. So this week I’m covering legends from my great state of Washington. Let’s get this ball rolling!

The Bottomless Pit Of Eastern Washington

They call it Mel’s hole, named after the man who first reported the pit’s existence. Apparently the hole is located in the hills of Washington somewhere near Manatash Ridge, in Ellensburg, Washington.

As the story goes, much like any bottomless pit legend, you can throw in as much stuff as you want yet you will never hear it hit bottom and the hole never seems to fill up.

According to the legend the hole was once used for cow dumping, an act once commonly practiced to dispose of sick cattle. The story told by Mel Water’s, a self proclaimed inter-tribal medicine man named Red Elk, and several other eye witnesses is that at certain times of the day a black beam can be seen coming out of the hole.

The witnesses have described this beam as a dark column like shadow, rising straight into the air and appearing out of nowhere. Water’s also tells the tale of a local hunter dumping his dog into the hole after it’s accidental death, only for the dog to appear trotting out of the woods several hours later. All witnesses involved, have claimed to feel an uneasiness whenever they’re near the pit, and that animals seem to avoid the area as much as possible.

The Faceless Roamer Of Auburn

The story takes place in the downtown area of Auburn, most often on “A” street.

As the legend goes the faceless man is a former resident of the city of Slaughter which is now named Auburn. In life, the man was a wealthy land owner who had sold the property that was to be built into the thriving city of Auburn. According to legend he walks angrily up and down “A”‘ street, often seen passing through walls and appearing on the other side.

It is unknown why the man is seen as faceless but it is said that his anger is based on his unhappiness in the way his land was developed into the city it is now. Many of the witnesses claiming to have seen this faceless man claim that he seems to find a sort of amusement in terrifying the unlucky souls who cross his path.

Steps To Hell, Maltby, Washington

The steps to hell are said to be located in the Maltby Cemetery, in Maltby, Washington. These particular steps start at ground level descending into the ground leading to the back entrance of the tomb of a once wealthy, local family.

According to the story, you were to go into the cemetery sometime after midnight. After finding the stairway the brave are then supposed to descend the 13 steps, then suddenly all sound is said to cease, it would feel as if everything in the world stopped moving all at once.

The real fear isn’t supposed to come until reaching the bottom step, once there you are to turn around and behold an evil vision of Hell. The people who have been brave enough to attempt this feat often buckle at the knees and pass out from fear, other children have been known to emerge from the staircase in a complete state of shock, sometimes never speaking again.

One witness claims to have attempted it when he was 16, with a group of friends. According to him they arrived around midnight and searched for an hour or so to find the stairs. Upon locating it the kids attempted to shine a light down into it’s depth, but were unable to see anything.

The witness then claims to have began walking down the steps alone. In his account, he claims to have first felt a little sick after the first couple steps, two more steps and he felt light headed, two after that and he felt as if he was going to puke. It was at that point that he turned around to flee. As he attempted to make his way back out he claims to have heard muffled screaming and felt hands pushing at him to leave the darkness.

Upon exiting, he found that it was his friends that had been screaming, to him. He told his friends that he had only went down 6 steps but his friends say he had disappeared completely from view. He said he has never gone back to the 13 Steps To Hell and he never will.

These are cool stories but I think our state can do better. So I challenge you to come up with your own legends for where you live, Washington or not. Spread them around and get a freaky legend started (Teenagers are easy targets). Raise Hell & Stay Strange!

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