Windows 9 sucked so we named it 10


Hi everyone. Its been a while since my last post, been busy with work and personal projects but I am taking a slice of time to let everyone know how windows 10 is.. what is different about it.. from version 8.

Upon first install the system has been stable and fast which is kind of amazing since it is a alpha product right now. The fist thing I noticed was that the metro desktop didn’t come up. Yay.. its gone..  you get your start menu back and it has the ability to do Metro. This is how it should of been done from the get go.


Here’s the screen at log in. Desktop as it should be. Metro is of course not completely gone you just tap the windows logo key or touch the windows logo on the screen and you get what’s in this little video.

Hope you enjoyed my video.

Microsoft May have a winner again..

Till Next time