Zombies….Overrated or where they should be in the culture?

I’m back from the dead yo.

So…. Zombies.

Tons of flicks about them. Video games, Books, Comics and a TV show. (Unless there is more besides Walking Dead? Zombieland series was canned.)

They are mainstream now and even went into the tween romance category of Warm Bodies. So they come full circle within the culture.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m alone on this but I just feel that Zombies have been over saturated in the market and I’m just burnt out.

Maybe because it’s the same tired formula over and over again! I’m up with anything clever done in the Genre.

Growing up in the 90s. Seemed like the we didn’t have too many Zombie flicks. It just wasn’t a trend at the time. We did have a teen Zombie flick called My Boyfriend’s Back but it sunk and stunk.

I seem to recall mostly watching the greats of the late 60s-80s on Cable at the time.

However we did get the Night Of The Living Dead remake which was written by George A. Romero and Directed By Tom Savini. Also Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive, Return Of the Living Dead 3 (before there was Warm Bodies. Similar idea)…. However I doubt many really knew of those at the time. Or if they did it was a smaller group. It just wasn’t as main stream as now. I didn’t discover those till years later. Well except NotLD remake which played on TV a few times.

Michael Jackson seemed to do Zombies right in the 80s with the Thriller music video. They didn’t explode into the main stream. They were still in there own niche.

It was either 28 Days Later of the remake of Dawn Of The Dead that sparked Zombiegeddon in the early Millennium.

Or the Resident Evil movie….

The Resident Evil film series maybe even video game series at this point sure as hell didn’t help the Zombie Genre any….

Neither did Romero’s latest of the Dead sequels either….

The non-Romero sequels and remakes Of The Dead series too.

I don’t know I just feel like too much Zombies is not really a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong I have a list of Zombie movies I love. Along with video games. I love the two Left4Dead games and the Dead Rising series as well as DayZ. I even loved the GameCube remake of Resident Evil too.

However more & more I just don’t rush out to watch Zombie movies or really play the latest undead video game….

This is gonna sound really bad. I know I should have been excited with the fact that they were finally doing a Zombie based TV series. I still remember the rumors of a Return Of The Living Dead based series. Which would have been odd. Anyways as for The Walking Dead. I have been meaning to get to it. I watched the first two episodes even….

I will get to it. I just don’t feel excited for it. Hell I was gonna make a Zombie flick back in High School then years later I was like. “Eh what’s the point? It’s been done a billion times….”

I was impressed with the World War Z trailer I liked how the Zombies were acting like a swarm of Ants. I was like “Finally something new!” I may rent it & I know it’s watered down PG13 and barely based off the Book.

I am a big co-op/team gamer so chances are if a game does involve Zombies I will still play it.

I think the Zombie Genre needs a rest maybe? However in the end it will always be slow moving or now running dead people that eat people…. Cannibals that are living impaired. Yay…. In the end that’s what they are which is what happens when Zombies are over exposed you start to realize how stupid the concept of the walking dead is…. Dead beings with no beating heart to help pump blood through the body like for brain functions and is able to move and see, hear, smell and consume food. Course when the plot of the film says the cause of the dead rising is some unknown super natural thing it’s easier to digest the idea than a virus…. To be the fair the main focus is usually the survivors. Which when done right makes a good survival flick.

Then you have the Resident Evil film series where Alice pretty much uses cheat codes against the undead. What the hell is so exciting about a hero who has super powers against Zombies? It removes any real threat the Zombies have? Ugh…. Now in the latest games the Zombies are using guns…. *Face palm*

Course in Left4Dead 1&2 the Zombies kick & punch you to death…. I guess they are tenderizing you before they eat you?

What happened Zombies? You use to be cool! Now you’ve become cliche.

I will leave this blog with Zombie VS. Shark. Yes before so bad it’s funny Shark movies were made.

In Lucio Fulci’s Zombie:  Which is an awesome flick.

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